Silk & Sand (Seth & Raider Book 1) by Katherine Diane

A new fantasy series that will knock your socks off. On a search for a murderer, a stoic hunter and his charming guide can't get enough of each other as they set off on a dangerous journey.

From the Silk & Sand blurb:

The only thing worse than trekking across a dangerous desert on a nearly impossible mission? When your guide is intolerable—and irresistible.

Seth spends his days hunting down mystical artifacts. As a Curator for the Arcanum College, that’s his job. But when an arcanist murders a fellow scholar, Seth finds himself assigned instead to a dusty, thirsty, frustrating manhunt. But why him? Because, he’s been told by his superiors, he’s the only Curator sufficiently tenacious and brutal for the job. (Seth resents that.)

When the murderer vanishes at the edge of a deadly desert, Seth finds himself in need of a guide. Unfortunately, the “only one crazy enough” for the job is Raider—a man with an easy grin who is clearly a thief, liar, and rogue. (He also has illegal quicksilver in his veins, and that arcane enhancement positively screams “I’ve done bad things.”) The only thing worse than having to rely on such a reprobate? Finding him irresistibly attractive.

Raider might think the manhunt a foolish endeavor, but he’s delighted by the prospect of breaking past the barriers of the gorgeous, rigidly self-controlled Curator. That kind of intensity needs the right outlet (and Raider has such ideas). But Raider just might be asking for more trouble than he realizes—because he has barriers of his own, and some very dark secrets lurking behind them.

But that’s not the only trouble looming. Because if Seth and Raider can survive their desert journey? Seth’s manhunt will lead them into even greater dangers and mysteries.

Silk & Sand is a high-heat fantasy adventure that will take you to the most exotic locations and into the most twisted secrets. It will lure you in with action, humor, and sizzling tension—and will hook your heart with its emotional intensity and beautiful love. So be prepared to laugh, cry, and stay up all night with these two gorgeous, complicated, irresistible men.

Content advisory: Readers 18+. These two are so fun but pretty rough. For trigger warnings, please read the author's note—then enjoy.

SNik's review:

First in series (Seth & Raider). Fantasy. Opposites attract. Grumpy/sunshine. Forced proximity. Light BDSM. Dual POV. Mild cliffhanger as the series continues. 

Seth is on a mission for the Arcanum College, but unlike his usual retrieval of artifacts this time he is in search of a murder with a stolen book. He needs a guide to cross the deadly Kesh desert and of course it is the beautiful and charming man that has annoyed him and turned him on simultaneously, the flirty and capable Raider. When Raider and Seth embark on their journey, the attraction is undeniable, and underneath the fighting, banter and lust, Raider and Seth find a special kind of connection. 

There is so much fantastic world building, tons of action and adventure, descriptive and well formed characters with emotional depth, and I really enjoyed the push and pull between Raider and Seth. This story was entertaining, exciting and nerve-wracking, with some seriously high steam. A gripping start to a new series, I am here for it, give me more Raider and Seth.

Silk & Sand is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription