Shattered Deceit (Deceit Series Book 2) by Autumn Winchester

Out of the ordinary. The story of Asher's enslavement survival is heartbreaking. His learning to live life after is very emotional. The warnings need to be given attention since I feel this will tear at your heart as it did mine

From the Shattered Deceit blurb:

This is Asher’s story. He was introduced in “Bought Deceit.”

Some say, a minute can change your life. For Asher, he knows how easy that saying was to be true.
Going from a crappy life of drug addicts as parents, to being a slave and trained to be perfect wasn’t exactly all that hard to do.

What was hard, was being saved from such a life. To know, even at the young age of sixteen, that there was more to life. Happiness, love, and family. But even then, Asher was content. Or so he thought.

When his best friend shows up at his doorstep, everything changes. Then, changes again when a man comes along and wants to help in a way that Asher can’t possibly accept.

tropes – age gap, slavery, mmm, forced proximity, regression, daddy/little, sub/dom, mmm

Reed Kaye's review:

This is a dark story so please read all the warnings.
This author doesn’t just follow the cookie cutter formula to writing stories and this is another that kept me up late page turning.

Asher is a guy who has faced enslavement since he was eleven. He suffers the unimaginable time and again. Just when he has all but given up life changes for him. But being saved also brings about challenges. Interaction with others is something that he isn’t comfortable with so when Noah attaches himself to Asher learning how to deal with a bff is hard. Then as he has his mind set on his bff finding his happy ever after again things change for him.

This is a story full of struggle that just broke my heart. This author has a talent for grabbing my emotions and not letting go long after I finish the book.

Lesetiger's review:

Please pay attention to the trigger notes, because this story is not an easy read. Neither was the first volume and that's where we briefly met Asher.

Asher is enslaved at a young age and only his absolute will to survive allows him to fight and live on. It was very tough, but at the same time incredibly grippingly written. I started the book and wanted to have a quick read, guys, let me tell you, my night was very short.

I really wanted to know how Asher's story would continue. After his rescue, he is faced with new challenges. One of them is Noah, who he meets and who just won't let go and eventually they become best friends. Asher is trying to cope with his life, which is not easy and a life partner is not part of it. Until he meets someone he feels attracted to. But taking the initiative himself is out of the question for Asher. After a visit to the club, Noah ends up dating Beckett of all people and Asher puts his friend's happiness above his own.

Asher's story broke my heart. It was shattered into a thousand pieces and I would have loved to mold myself into a ball with Asher and bury myself in his pain. The story is a rollercoaster ride of emotions, I could really understand why Noah reacts the way he does.

The story was a tough read, but incredibly well written with fascinating characters. A book that will stay with you for a long time.

Shattered Deceit is currently available as an e-book