Off Season by Jodi Oliver (Chicago Thunder Book 2)

The second book in the Chicago Thunder series takes us from the absolute devastation of losing  at the last second to the joy of finding your soulmate... in the Off Season.

From the blurb:


Finding out my ex-fiance is the best man at my cousin’s wedding is the cherry on top of my problems.

I can’t turn up alone, so finding a fake boyfriend is the only option.

My relationship with Jacob isn’t supposed to be real, but he gets me in a way nobody ever has and now I’m questioning everything.

After nearly two decades in the NHL, retirement is nearing and I have no idea who I am outside of hockey.

I need to focus on winning one last Cup, not falling in love.


Ethan Parkes became my savior when he offered me a deal that would solve all of my problems. So when he asked me to be his fake boyfriend for a wedding in England, I jumped at the chance.

Besides, so what if I already have a crush on him?

When we give into the chemistry between us, he tells me we only have the off season. But I’m determined to show him that he’s more than just a name on a jersey, even if it could cause my heart a world of hurt.

Off Season is a friends to lovers, grumpy/sunshine hockey romance. With a touch of hurt/comfort, a ten year age gap, interfering teammates and all the found family vibes. It is book two in the Chicago Thunder series and can be read as a standalone.

Heather's Review:

Fake dating, friends with benefits, grumpy/sunshine, a trip to England, running into the ex, so much going on before see just how explosive Ethan and Jacob's chemistry is!

I love the pacing of this story and the way the author gives us new insights into the characters right up until the end of the story!  Being the off season, we start out less focused on hockey, but don't worry you'll see enough to definitely qualify this as a sports romance!  I love the way this book comes together and the way that Ethan and Jacob grow into their relationship!

Miki J's review:

Oh boy....this one will certainly hit the heartstrings. We knew there was something baking between Ethan and Jacob ...... (hehehehe, couldn't resist)......and what a beautiful story it turned out to be. Yes, there's the fake boyfriend/forced proximity trope, but this story is more than that. The conversations between them were emotional and meaningful and made me cry !! That's a sign of a freakin' good read !!! And kudo's to Blaine....his idea worked !! Bahahahaha Does it end on a HEA, oh for sure (keep the tissues handy !!!)....does it take a bit, yes, but it's truly worth it !! Also, I'd read them in order - it's a tight knit group/ found family and while you do get a background in this book, to get the full picture, start with book

Off Season is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription