His Guiding Light by E.L. Ough

A lighthouse keeper that chooses solitude finds a glimmer of happiness after rescuing a young man that has forgotten his past. Jaxon and Maxwell find that a strong love love cannot be held back.

From the His Guiding Light blurb:

Sometimes it takes losing everything to find the one thing that matters most.


When you’ve lost the two most important people in your life, you realize you need to stick to the safe things: your lighthouse and your solitude. While there have been times I’ve longed for companionship, the men in my past haven’t cared for the unsettled part of me that lurks within. I think I’m broken.

They say that after a storm comes a rainbow, but when it also washes a lifeless body onto my beach, the course of my life swiftly alters, bringing renewed hope with it.


When you wake up in an unfamiliar room, with no recollection of the past, you’re determined to help the man who rescued you. Max is reluctant to share his past with me, but it’s clear there’s a sadness about him. The longer I struggle with my amnesia, the easier it becomes to focus on the present and the feelings that grow deeper each day.

I just hope my old memories don’t destroy the safe harbour I’ve found here.

His Guiding Light is the first book in the Hope Harbour Series. This kinky, age gap romance features a lonely, demisexual lighthouse keeper and an amnesiac photographer who find love after loss in a small town by the sea.

SNik's review:

First in series (Hope Harbour). Age gap. Amnesia. Hurt/comfort. Demisexual representation. Dual POV.

Lighthouse keeper Maxwell finds a young man washed up on the beach after a storm, but even though he feels some kind of connection, he doesn’t want to let Jaxon in close, everyone close to him always leaves. Jaxon has forgotten his past, but Maxwell makes him feel safe and more, he feels happy and free which he is sure is a first in his life even if he can’t remember. 

The feelings of grief Maxwell experiences are relatable, and definitely inform his reactions to trying to have friendships or something more. Even without his memory, Jaxon builds a friendship and feelings with Maxwell as they communicate honestly about their feelings and hopes for the future no matter the hurdles they have to overcome. I appreciated that both men share their doubts and fears, but their special bond is sweet, patient, accepting, and swoony. A well-written, emotional read that really brought all the romantic feels.

His Guiding Light is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription