Good Brothers by Trish DeVene

Good Brothers was extremely short and very flowery. A lot put into a small package

From the blurb:

Fresh out of college and still recovering from the unrequited love of his best friend, the last thing Richie wants is a casual fling. He even offers to help his dad babysit for his kid sister’s pool party. What could be safer?

But Richie isn’t the only big brother doing good deeds. As his sister’s best friend rushes by, Richie can’t take his eyes off her brother waving from the driveway. His sun-polished arm rests over the car door, his smooth, rounded shoulders relaxing into the summer day.

Then flashing Richie a smile, he starts over, each step like territory claimed. And Richie is the territory. But is Richie willing to take the risk? Is he ready for a new summer love?

KJNRose's review:

This was a really good short story, the author was able to put a lot of history into a very short story. If you are looking for a quick fun story this is for you.

Nicole's review:

This was extremely short and very flowery. I see the author also writes poetry, and this book is filled with it. Not necessarily a bad thing, but makes it hard to believe the MC is supposed to be a college age boy. The author did manage to flesh Richie's character extremely well in such a short book with his family and loss of Taj. We get nothing about the brother, but he was just a tool to clear Richie's internal issues. The single scene was slightly taboo and had a good amount of steam.

Good Brothers is currently available as an e-book through Smashwoords


  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read the story and review it! I appreciate all you do here. Thank you, from Trish (the author).


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