Updated statement regarding books accepted for review on MMRR

After careful consideration and discussion amongst the admin team at MM & MMM+ Romance Reviewed, we have updated our guidelines for the books/audio we accept for request on www.mmromancereviewed.com - 

"We will review any book that features queer Romance pairings or poly queer romance as a primary or secondary storyline.  We accept books that include non-binary, genderqueer and trans characters.  While not our primary focus, we do accept sapphic or F/F stories for review on FF Fridays.

Receipt of a review copy does not obligate MM Romance Reviewed to publish a review.  We are a positive promotion blog.  All reviews must earn primarily positive feedback and our reviewer recommends reading the book to be published on the blog.   This does not mean that our reviews won't include constructive feedback and our honest opinions, just that they must be primarily positive.

The blog ownership and admin team feel strongly about promoting human creators, therefore we will not accept reviews for work with generative AI writing, covers or audio, based on available tools and to the best of our knowledge as of February 26th, 2024.

At their discretion, reviewers may also post all or part of their reviews to Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub or other sites."

As of right now, we will not be culling our past reviews, but going forward we will be carefully reviewing all submissions to feature human-created work free from generative AI.  

Should you have questions or concerns regarding the new policy, please email the admin team at admin at mmromancereviewed dot com