Tooth and Nail: U.S. Marshals ISR (Interspecies Response) by Patricia Logan

New series from Patricia Logan that builds off of love of writing law enforcement stories to include a big sprinkle of the supernatural. When Ari agrees to transfer to Los Angeles into a special department of the US Marshals he certainly wasn't planning on handling witnesses and fugitives from other planets. Luckily he has Eoghan Sapphire as his training partner, and possible romantic partner as well?

From the Tooth and Nail blurb:

The very last thing U.S. Marshal Eoghan Sapphire wants is a new partnership. Worse yet, the transfer from Lexington, Kentucky is a civilian. That means it’ll be Eoghan’s responsibility to break him into the I.S.R. and the unique way their particular U.S. Marshals Service unit operates. He decides being a jerk to him and keeping him at arm’s length just might be the way to handle things…until he meets him.

Aristotle Brown isn’t like anyone Eoghan’s ever known before. He’s polite, willing to learn, and most of all, devastatingly handsome. Eoghan’s actually happy they’re thrown into a dangerous situation with a WITSEC protectee the first day his brand-new partner is on the job. Dealing with this particular man will let Eoghan know what Ari Brown’s made of. Will he break under pressure?

Dealing with humans is standard everyday stuff in the U.S. Marshals Service but other non-human species like shifters, other paranormals, and aliens from distant star systems…well, that’s where things promise to get downright interesting. Their second day on the job is no different. And he’s not prepared for Ari’s cool-headed composure when he comes face to face with an example of everything the I.S.R. deals with every day.

To top it all off, the marshal sent to back the two men up when things get dicey in Griffith Park isn’t as reliable as Eoghan had hoped. The impulses of the guy nearly get them all killed but fortunately, Ari performs like a dream, helping extract everyone when things go from bad to worse. Eoghan is sure of a couple of things…acting as this man’s training officer isn’t going to be such a struggle after all, and keeping his hands off him is going to be the hardest part about this assignment.

SNik's review:

First in series (U.S. Marshals I.S.R. Interspecies Response). Paranormal. Coworkers. Slow burn. POC representation. Mostly single POV. 

Eoghan doesn’t want to break in a new partner, especially one he’ll have to train in all things supernatural and alien, and he certainly doesn’t want to deal with his attraction to the handsome Deputy Marshal Aristotle Brown. Ari actually turns out to be easy to train, he’s resilient, adapts quickly, and even when learning new things every other minute, he is steadfast and listens to instructions, and he recognizes the connection between himself and Eoghan is something special. 

Tooth and Nail is filled with all kinds of new (and some old familiar) beings, the pace is fast and Ari and Eoghan are constantly on the go from one action adventure to another on the job. There is a fair amount of backstory for the characters they interact with as Ari gets introduced to his new job, backgrounds for both men, plus one plotline that is a slight cliffhanger as the series continues. An entertaining start to a new series with a HFN for Ari and Eoghan as they navigate their new partnership both at work and at home.

Rogue's review:

This is the first in a new series, paranormal law enforcement, new partner/co-workers.  Eoghan has been a US Marshal in the I.S.R. for a while but without a partner since his last one passed away.  His boss assigns him a new one, also a US Marshal but from the 'civilian' branch and they're thrown right into the thick of things on his very first day in the job.  

Ari is new to Los Angeles, new to the paranormal world and it's a baptism of fire for him.  There's an instant spark between him and Eoghan, although it's a slow build to when they do actually get together.  I liked the world building, and the build of the relationship between the two, it felt natural and I liked they were building a friendship/partnership too before becoming romantically involved.  There's a lot going on in this story, and I think a lot more to come, there were more than one threads left dangling at the end, and I'd love to see how these are resolved.  

For the first in a series, it sets things out well, with one or two surprises along the way and I can't wait for more from this world.  

Tooth and Nail is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription