The Convict (Devil's Mayhem MC Book 1) by RS McKenzie

The Convict is a dark and gritty story, where love snuck up on both of these men.

From the blurb:


Fifteen years to life is a long time to be sentenced to prison, even if I do deserve it. As the Enforcer of my MC, I had to do some things that would give most people nightmares. I’m prepared to do my time, waiting for my lawyer to appeal my sentence. But when an opportunity presents itself to escape, I take it. I’m on my way back to my clubhouse in Tennessee when I get stuck in a small Missouri town. I have to kidnap the small town mechanic to aid in my escape, ignoring the unfamiliar cravings I feel towards him.


After finishing my weekly food run, I’m approached by a hot-as-sin guy in the parking lot with a broken down truck. I help him out and think he's on his way until he shoves a gun into my back. Turns out that hot guy is an escaped convict and all he wants is my cooperation as a hostage. To live, I’ll have to trust him and do everything I can to save my life… including using my body.

The Convict is an age gap, bi-awakening, motorcycle club, kinky book. It contains dark themes, murder, violence, heat and, most of all, a hard-fought HEA. It is book one in the Devil’s Mayhem MC series.

*This book contains sharing after MCs are in a relationship*

Angel's review:

I don't read a whole lot of dark romance stories just cause sometimes they are too dark for me. This story though was written so well, and while it is a dark romance story, it's such a good one!! Raxel's character was gruff and brutal, he takes his role in his MC seriously and he hands out punishments to those who his president declares needs to be punished.

When Raxel kidnaps Finn he never expected to catch feelings for the boisterous man, nor did he expect to fall In love with his hostage.

I absolutely loved Finn's character, I loved how he didn't cower down to Raxel. He stayed true to himself and kept trying his best to escape even when things were dire. I honestly didn't think I would enjoy this story, but the way it was written made it very enjoyable. I liked how Raxel and Finn's characters were direct contrasts of one another, and how despite them being so different from one another they fit well together. I enjoyed how the MC was written, each and every member contributed to give that feel of it being a really intense and serious club.

I personally didn't love the scene with Sam getting beat up, but I do understand why that was apart of the book. It made sense for it to be there, even though I personally didn't love reading about it.

Overall I thought this book was written well, and I really enjoyed reading this dark and gritty romance story.

The Convict is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription