Just A Little Love by Kerry Kilpatrick


A fake date turns into something real as Rory embraces being a little whenever Daddy Gabriel is with him in Just a Little Love,  a sweet debut book.

From the Just a Little Love blurb:

Love doesn't happen on a schedule.  

Gabriel Alves is well aware of his status as a daddy. Still, his all-consuming career as an architect leaves no time for relationships. That is until he needs a fake date for a New Year's Eve bash.

Enter Rory Quinn, a sassy college lecturer with a knack for disastrous dating and a house on the brink of condemnation. Their chance meeting leads to a mutually beneficial proposition. Gabe will help Rory save his inherited home from crumbling around him. In return, Rory will pretend to be Gabe's little for the night.

As the two double down on their charade, sparks fly, and the thin line between fact and fiction blurs. But when the clock strikes midnight, will their arrangement crumble under the weight of their commitments and an interfering ex? Or will they find a love worth celebrating beyond the confines of their fake relationship?

This MM low-angst romance comes with the bestest of friends, jumping in with both feet, and a guaranteed HEA.

SNiK's Review:

Standalone. Light BDSM. Daddy/little. Fake relationship. Slight age gap. Dual POV. 

Gabriel doesn’t expect that offering to help the cute history lecturer with his house renovation would lead to a deal that nets Gabriel a fake date for his friend's New Years party. Rory doesn't think pretending to be Gabriel’s little will be too hard, but suddenly his letting himself be a little feels more natural than anything, and ceding control to Gabriel makes Rory feel special. This story spends a lot of time introducing Rory to being a little, and how Gabriel is a caring Daddy that yearns for a boy just like Rory. 

I really appreciated the communication between them as they navigate the growing kink relationship, and even though there are a few stumbles, Gabriel is quick to apologize and assure Rory. A really sweet story, with supportive secondary characters, and a dedicated Daddy that unexpectedly finds his special little that he’s willing to do anything for. An impressive debut for this author.

Heather's Review:

This was an adorable combination of fake dating, kink awakening and Daddy/little with a bit of ABDL.  The story includes a beautiful Victorian house in need of repair, a Daddy who doesn't think he can do relationships and a boy who didn't know he needed a daddy...

One of the things I appreciated a lot was the found family that both men had, including an already established Daddy/little couple and Rory's BFF!  This made the world buiding seem more advanced than a typical first book, and makes me yearn for Reed and Jonah's back story.... and well, a HEA for the BFF too!

I really appreciated the communication, the flow of this story and the world building.  What a great debut!

Just a Little Love is available in e-book format and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.