His Slender Embrace: An MM Monster Romance by Amanda Meuwissen

We are back on the Monster Match dating app and this time we start off with two beings in search of a sexual fantasy. In His Slender Embrace, you have a low angst high heat tale from fantasy into something more

From the blurb:

Gaze long into the abyss and you might fall in love.

Eldritch, Tall Man, slender and strange – Cael is all these things, with a presence humans fear, and among monsters allowed visas to the human world, he still feels like an outsider. The first time someone hears his voice, they’re knocked unconscious, and if they look at him for too long, they risk losing their minds or worse. Handy for a monster who means to menace, but not for one seeking love and hoping to one day feed from the energies of passion instead of terror.

He thought the Monster Match app might finally find him a compatible partner, but no one responds to him as a match. Perhaps the only way he’ll know passion is to switch what he’s looking for from romance to the carnal side of human curiosity.

Coming off a bad breakup with a gaslighting ex, Miles Wainwright isn’t looking for love, though he still longs for it and misses the presence of someone else in his home. Even in his work as a graphic designer, he can’t stand up for himself and always ends up doing what is asked of him. He wishes he could give himself over to a partner and trust that they’ll take care of him. For now, he’ll settle for fulfilling a fantasy and hope it helps him heal.

He doesn’t expect to want more from Cael, the strangely alluring monster with a shark-toothed smile and tendrils who matches his request, but even if it means madness to stare long into the abyss, does Miles dare steal a peek?

An MM standalone novel in the shared world of the multi-author Monster Match series. Expect a shy human seeking confidence through fantasy fulfillment with a magnetic monster, tentacles, hurt/comfort, mutual pining, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Molly Otto's review:

What starts off as a man wanting to embrace his deepest fantasy turns into something so much more. Miles is still trying to get past a bad breakup from someone who won't let go until he meets Cael, a monster who brings his deepest fantasies to life. That kne encounter isn't enough for either of them, so they slowly grow to so much more. Cael gives Miles the confidence he needs to stand up for himself, while Miles ables Cael to see if you give humans time they can embrace the full him.

A truly beautiful book of emotions and hot tentacle goodness than I've come to know from Amanda as an author. She hasn't disappointed me yet in going that extra step to making these stories hotter and more desirable. Another great addition to the monster match series, and you get to hear from old monster friends and meet new ones who i hope are from the upcoming stories!

His Slender Embrace is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription