Cursed Son: A Companion Novella (Cursed Hearts Book 5) by Rhys Lawless

The Cursed Hearts saga continues with the Cursed Son. After the events of the Cursed Night we pick up where that left off with this thrilling novella.

From the blurb:

We made a baby out of magic. We didn't expect what would happen next...

I still can't believe it but all of a sudden we have a son. And our daughter couldn't be happier to meet him.
To top it all of, Wade finally proposed to me.

Too bad we can't celebrate just yet because a group of phoenices show up to put our three-year-old daughter on trial for murder.
Even though we stand our ground, we know by the time the sun rises there's no escaping judgement day for either of our children.

Cursed Son is a companion novella set in the world of the Cursed Hearts series, and is better enjoyed if read after the Cursed Night companion novella (check reading order below).
Inside this book you'll find your favorite magic couple, Caleb and Wade, a baby with way too much power, magical shenanigans, and a big gay wedding that's way overdue.

Please note this book features no mpreg.

Cursed Hearts: Reading order:
Cursed Mate (free on my website)
Killer Heart
Demon Heart
Cursed Dance
Vampire Heart
Cursed Night
Cursed Son

Molly Otto's review:

Another great novella as part of the Cursed Hearts series (this can Not be read as a standalone). We pick up from where Cursed Night left us, and oh boy, this family is about to go through more chaos. All the events show to me what it takes to be a true family, mistakes are made, but they move forward and become stronger each time like a true family should. Family love conquers all, and this family shows that in spades among all the chaos.

Well composed and thought out, so glad to have visited this family again and hope we visit them in future stories.

Jacquie's Review:

Cursed Son was just so imaginative! It is a companion novella so please don't read it without reading the rest, especially the novella before this where the baby is made.

West is an adorable, if tricky, addition to the family!

I loved this little slice of family life with a bit of drama thrown in.

Lovely conclusion. Thanks Rhys for the epilogue!

Cursed Son is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription