Bloom by N.R. Walker


Looking for a feel good everyday romance? Bloom is just one of those crawl up on the couch and enjoy all the smiles and laughs.

From the blurb: 

Keats McCulloch opened his florist shop in Sydney two years ago and he’s living his dream. Even though running his own business leaves little room for a personal life, he is very single, sometimes lonely, but otherwise happy.  

Linden Acres has sworn off men for all eternity. Armed with his cheating boyfriend’s credit card and a floriography list, he decides to buy him the perfect farewell gift. The biggest, prettiest bouquet of ‘murder flowers’ his money can buy.

Keats convinces Linden to avoid possible jail time and go with a more subdued, somewhat passive aggressive bouquet of black roses and basil leaves. After all, nothing else says you’re dead to me and I hate you with such elegance.

Keats finds Linden hilarious and charming, and Linden thinks Keats is kind of wonderful . . . It’s too bad he’s sworn off men forever. Yet their paths cross again and again, as if fate was planting seeds in the hope that one will bloom.

“I’m more of a green carnations kind of guy.”

Molly Otto's Review:

Dang you and your loveable chatty bottoms with epic sass and humor! These two are just so dang adorable and loving for another. Even when issues arise its not the other they blame but themselves, truly so good for another. Now let's talk about all the flowers and their meanings! Just enjoy the knowledge!
Only NR Walker can write a book like EWB than pull something this sweet, not even a year later. Just shows us the true diversity she has. Thanks again for having every day men with everyday jobs who fall in love. It's just so nice to see authors include everyday people, too!

Rogue's Review:

Short, sweet, standalone novel. Low angst, with two super sweet MCs and a lesson in floriography (I didn't even know that was a thing).

This was such a fun, cute read. Linden and Keats meet when Linden wants to send a 'murder bouquet' of flowers to his cheating ex, and Keats talks him out of that and into a bouquet that simply says 'you're dead to me'. There was an instant connection between the two, lots of humour: "my name sounds like an old person's care home" 😂, and they are instantly on the same page, relationship wise.

It's very fast, yes, but that actually works for these two, they have differences but also a lot in common and it was so refreshing to see they're actually willing to talk and work things out when the hard times and conversations come. Add in the sassy best friend and you have a recipe for such a lovely story to pick you up if you're feeling a little down, and give you hope. Loved it.

Bloom is available in paperback and e-book formats and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.