Avocado Protection by Kaje Harper

Avocado Protection is another great story by Kaje Harper. Get this book and avo great time !!!!

From the blurb:

When Fynn invented the 'CadoBox, he didn't think it would change his life. Make some money? Sure. Fund his own laboratory? Hell, yeah. But not get him almost kidnapped, and land him with a six-foot-six bodyguard shadowing his every move. Fynn doesn't handle changes well. Having Nolan looming over him has his nerves on edge and his motormouth running. If only the big man wasn't so damned hot.

Nolan's owned his security firm for five years. He's protected many clients. None of them dragged him into their lab and lectured him on avocado offgassing. And none of them seemed as oblivious of both their danger and their attractiveness as Fynn. Bodyguards shouldn't fall for their clients, but it's not "falling" to vow no one's getting near Fynn on his watch.

An opposites-attract, size-difference, bodyguard action romance with an ADHD scientist and the man determined to keep him safe.

Content warning for abduction, violence.

KjnRose's review:

This was a wonderful book about Flynn and Nolan. Flynn is a scientist and Nolan is a bodyguard he ends up having to have due to being almost kidnapped. This story is a opposites attract, fun, adventure of a book to read.

Miki J's review:

Brilliant !! Absolutely brilliant !! Just the perfect novel - not too "green" .... but not overly "ripe" either !!! bahahahaha...I couldn't resist ! I really enjoyed this novel - classic trope of bodyguard/awkward nerd who connect beautifully. It's not an insta-love and done story ..... there's romance for sure, and the awkwardly cute banter but there's also a very decent suspense/action twist to the story as well. It's a very well written story, with a great plot and great characters (though, I'm not sure about the brother...hmmmm) .... but, I will say, it did leave me fanging for some avocados !!!

Avocado Protection is currently available as an e-book in wide release.