Unfinished Business at Crofton Hall: Robin & Simon (Modern Crofton) by Rebecca Cohen

Unfinished Business at Crofton Hall is part of the Modern Crofton series, following a group of friends and found family all linked by a stately home, and the couple that own it. This follows an established couple from a previous book as well as catching up with other couples from previous books.

From the blurb:

Money cannot buy happiness, something Robin Flint may have to learn the hard way.  

Long distance relationships are hard, even more so when one of the couple is a future viscount, billionaire, and potential prize for every gold digger on the East Coast. When Robin takes a temporary assignment in New York, leaving Simon, his boyfriend of nearly a year, back in the UK, they have to work to keep their relationship on track. Life gets even more complicated when Robin's ex, movie star Dorian Marsten, comes out as gay and Simon is targeted by one of Dorian's fans thinking Dorian and Robin were meant to be together.

This is a companion story to the events in Coming Out at Crofton Hall from Robin and Simon's point of view. It is recommended to read this story after Coming Out at Crofton Hall, but it can also be read after Starting Again at Crofton Hall due to the overlapping story timelines.

Sheena's Review:

This is part of the Modern Crofton series, and a direct follow up to Starting Again at Crofton Hall with the same MCs, Robin and Simon and picking up their story. As such, it is a companion piece and doesn't stand alone.

I will admit it's been a little while since I read the first part of Robin and Simon's story, but I do remember liking both MCs in that story, especially Simon as he'd been through a lot, and a lot of that story is referenced here. I struggled to like Robin in this book though, if I'm honest. While I still think the two together are great, here Robin seemed to be more than a little unfeeling and oblivious, not only to Simon and their relationship but to what was going on around him with the group he was running with in New York. I loved that Robins friends and family were willing to call him on his nonsense though, and his sisters especially with their meddling were pretty great.

It's also good to catch up with some of the other couples in the series again, and to see the continuing development of Ben and Ashley's marriage and family. Overall, I didn't like this as much as the first instalment of Robin and Simon's story but I did enjoy it.

Heather's Review:

Unfinished Business shares a timeline with Coming Out At Crofton Hall, but focuses on different characters.  For me, it wasn't so different from the events in Coming Out and while it was interesting to get the perspective through Simon and Robin's eyes for some of it, I was searching for more revelations and something I didn't already know and I struggled with that... I don't typically re-read books and this one felt more like an extended re-read than a new story.

I missed seeing the perspective of Ashley and Ben and some of the other Crofton characters who usually have updates in the books.  They were present, but I already had their updates too,,,

If you're someone who loves to get inside the heads of each and every character, this is the book for you...

Unfinished Business at Crofton Hall is available in e-book and paperback formats and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.