#TeaserTuesday: We Don't Need Another Santa by Bix Barrow


Bix Barrow's newest book may be titled We Don't Need Another Santa, but we always need more holiday books in my opinion! We Don't Need Another Santa releases on January 26th. 

From the Blurb:

One retired hitman, one actor just out of rehab, and a Santa sack full of complications, 

Even though I don’t need to pose as a third-grade teacher anymore, I stuck around to keep Seth, one of my students, and his brother Robin from being abused by their slimy stepfather. It’s their lucky Christmas Eve when I find out Robin accidentally killed the jerk while protecting Seth, because who better to help them dispose of the body than a retired hitman-slash-operative?

But Santa also delivers the boys’ uncle, famous actor and tabloid headliner Lucas McCord. I’m trying to decide if I can trust him with the boys’ well-being—and possibly my cold, withered heart—when an ill-timed photo has the press announcing I’m Lucas’ boyfriend and the key to fixing his reputation.

The skills I honed in my former life are strangely useful navigating the perils of Hollywood, but when I come face-to-face with an enemy from my past, I’ll use every weapon in my arsenal to keep Lucas and the kids safe.

We Don’t Need Another Santa is a low-angst, humorous holiday romance featuring a retired hitman, an actor trying to turn his life around, two kids in need, stray dogs, an inconvenient body, barbecued brisket, and beaver onesies.

We Don't Need Another Santa is a novella continuing the hitman’s story from What’s Santa Got to Do with It but can be read as a standalone.


Was this hell?

Had karma caught up to me and decided this was the way to extract payback for all the morally gray acts I had committed during my lifetime?

I rubbed the cheap fabric between my fingers and looked resignedly into Seth’s hopeful expression.


I stood up to cheers from not only Seth but also Robin and a smirking Lucas, the instigator of this particular torture.

Up until now, the morning had been pleasant.

The boys were ecstatic about the dogs, and giving them baths had been an excellent distraction. I had brought the shopping bags inside without them noticing. I had also retrieved the comforter from the minivan and put it in the wash without the boys being the wiser.

Robin and Seth had indeed decorated the house. A wreath adorned the front door, and an artificial tree festooned with red and gold balls stood in the corner of the living room. The fireplace mantel sported a garland of artificial greenery and red and gold bows.

Lucas and I complimented the boys on their efforts. After Seth and Robin had gotten the mother dog, now named Holly, settled in her new bed with the puppies, named Buddy and Peppermint, Lucas distributed the paltry presents we had procured for them.

“I’m sorry nothing is wrapped,” Lucas said.

Robin pressed his lips together, stroking the fleece jacket I had bought for him. “Seth and I didn’t expect to even have a Christmas this year. This is....” He turned his head and wiped his eyes.

Lucas went over and knelt beside Robin’s chair to give him a hug. I nodded to myself. Once again he had cemented the rightness of his position as the boys’ guardian. I would be able to leave them in his hands without worry.

And maybe I would still see Seth regularly at school, at least until Lucas moved the boys to wherever he decided to relocate to. He would need a house with a big yard. I had never really thought about George and Kathy’s back yard before, but Lucas could do worse than to choose a home with something like the large deck, big grassy area, and fenced-off pool this house boasted.

As I was lost in thought about Lucas, Seth, and Robin’s housing needs, Lucas pulled out the items he had not allowed me to watch him purchase at Buc-ee’s.


Beaver onesies.

Four of them.

Not three. Four.

One of which was in my size.

My death stare had not intimidated Lucas in the least, and I had just discovered I was susceptible to Seth’s pleading eyes when he asked for a Christmas morning photo of all of us in our matching outfits.

The onesie was not large enough to go on over our clothing, so I followed Lucas into the primary bedroom to change.

“I found some restaurants that are open for brunch today,” I told Lucas as I efficiently stripped down to my dark blue silk boxers.

“Uh,” he responded faintly. His eyes scanned my body, and he swallowed. Then he blinked, and his eyes jerked up to meet mine.

I raised an eyebrow, and his cheeks flushed. He said, “Sorry. Um, I’m gay, in case you didn’t know. I mean, it’s public information, but not everyone reads the tabloids.”

I shrugged. “It is a natural reaction. And I knew.” I had researched Lucas after all.

“You, ah, don’t have a problem with it?” His eyes slid down to where his hands were fiddling with the hem of his shirt.

“With your being gay? No.”

He looked up again. “Uh, I mean, I’m assuming you’re straight?”


I could have smacked myself.

“I am pan but I am demisexual. And I am sorry but I have not slept in over twenty-four hours, so if you have been flirting with me I missed it.” On jobs I kept an eye out for flirting from targets, but when I was off-duty I rarely thought about it.

Lucas’ face turned even more red. “Um, I wanted to? But I was worried you were straight, and you can obviously kick my ass, so I was kind of holding off....” He turned away and whipped his sweater over his head. His ribs were too prominent, and his skin did not have a healthy color.

I stepped into the onesie, buying myself time to come up with a response.

I went with, “I do not want to give you the impression I am brushing you off. I am flattered, but I need to know someone better before I become interested in them sexually.”

I zipped up the onesie and met his gaze. His eyes flicked over me before he looked away. I saw his lips quirk upward before he rubbed his mouth.

I scowled. “And forcing me to dress in this ridiculous costume is not enhancing your charm.”

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