Studio C: The Complete Collection by Toby Wise

Toby Wise has bundled together the Studio C books into Studio C: The Complete Collection. Better yet, they are enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.

From the blurb:

Enjoy the Studio C series all in one place! This series follows a group of found family who all work for the same adult entertainment studio finding their mates. Included is five original novellas and five
bonus scenes!

Watching Me: Derek and Harrison story which features an alpha and beta roommates to lovers story, a loveable camboy, an alpha looking for where he belongs, and accepting one's desires.

Feral for You: Gabriel and Gunther’s story of a one night stand turned lovers. There’s an accidental pregnancy, accepting one’s desires, and of course, a happily ever after!

Choosing Me: Calvin and Wilson’s friends with benefits story featuring, a dominant omega, and two internet famous cats. Though this does NOT contain mpreg, you’ll find silly moments, heated scenes, found family, and of course, a happily ever after.

True for You: Parker and Christopher’s story featuring an asexual sexline worker, true mates, misunderstandings, surrogacy, ‘the special plate’, and a tooth-rotting fluffy happy ending.

Our Time: Ben and Ryder’s second chance story featuring a road trip, late night confessions, a trans alpha, mpreg, self-acceptance, found family, and of course a happily ever after!

Jacquie's Review:

Watching Me:

While it features the alpha/beta dynamic there's no mpreg here. I enjoyed how the dynamic was written with Derek in particular referring to his "inner alpha" but not being a slave to those impulses and just generally being a sweetheart.

It's very steamy as one would expect when a book features a cam worker, but all the steam serves a purpose.

I really liked the positivity in the message. Harrison wasn't ashamed of his job.

There's a kind of found family thing going on which I loved and it sets up the series nicely

Feral for You:

I knew I'd love this based on the blurb and also from loving book 1.

Studio C is shaping up to be a series full of delightful couples and a fair bit of steam.

Gabriel and Gunther have a one-night stand which doesn't quite rock Gabriel's world, but the pair end up expecting.

Giving Gunther another chance quickly turns into the best decision Gabriel could have made.

Bonus points for clear communication, no mix ups here. Asking for and taking advice. No assumptions. Just sweet and not overdone.

Choosing Me:

I always like it when the alpha/omega dynamic is a little different and here is no exception.

I'd have loved it more if there had been more depth of feeling from Calvin. I guess I couldn't fully get to grips with him.

Enjoyable with a bit of steam, it's a fairly quick read once you get into it.

The set up for the next book has me interested.

True for You:

Full of syrupy sweetness.

A smidge of angst, a tiny bit of steam, since one mc is ace and pregnant (being a surrogate) but that all worked for me.

Not going to lie, if I was in the mood for something smutty then this wouldn't be it. Except I was drawn in by how adorable they were with each other. Great communication, a sweet date and fully supportive mates.

Our Time:

The Studio C series wraps up in the author's sweetly steamy style in Our Time.

Best friends, Ryder and Ben, are in love with each other, and a road trip to Ryder's sister's baby shower is just the time to finally admit their feelings.

The pair were just adorable together, and Ben being trans was just perfect. I loved that aspect of the story. That first steamy scene where Ryder uses his mouth. Wow!

As it is a finale, there's some wrapping up of a previous storyline. However, this could probably work as a standalone.

Sad to see the series end, but they are well worth a re-read as comfort reads.

Studio C: The Complete Collection is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.