#NSWWednesday: Out of Reach Book 3 Balls and Brawn Security by Rebecca James

Are you ready for a steamy NSFW scene from Out of Reach?  Check out what is in store from Book 3 of Balls and Brawn Security by Rebecca James. 


Jude English spent his childhood in the foster care system and then on the streets, never having a plan in mind other than where his next meal would come from. When he first laid eyes on Hawk Sterling tending bar at a nightclub, Jude immediately wanted the handsome Navy SEAL. But all he got that night was kicked out of the bar for being underage. Jude was persistent, though, and eventually, he and Hawk became a couple.

Hawk Sterling remembers the day that Jude told him their relationship was over as the worst day of his life. Up to that point, he never realized how much he depended on Jude always being there. It took many sleepless nights and a lot of therapy for Hawk to come to terms with the fact that he'd lost the man he loved through his own blind selfishness.

Four years have passed since Jude abruptly left, and Hawk has come to grips with never seeing Jude again. So, it takes a moment for him to believe what he’s seeing when his boss hands him his next assignment. Hawk knew that Jude had achieved his dream of becoming a model, but he didn’t realize that, until recently, Jude had been dating Sam Prescott--a suspected crime boss. And now, Prescott has put a hit out on Jude.

The smart thing to do would be to hand over the assignment to one of his coworkers at Falcon Security, but Hawk doesn't trust anyone except himself to keep Jude safe. He might not be able to resurrect the past, but he can save Jude's life and get him out of the mess he's gotten himself into. Hawk is determined to do so--even if it costs him his job.

Out of Reach is the third book in the Balls and Brawn Security Series. Books can be read on their own but are best read in order.

Excerpt (flashback):

When they’d first met, Jude had been barely eighteen while Hawk had been in his late twenties. They’d met in Detroit at a club. Hawk was filling in for a friend as a bartender while on leave with the SEALS, and Jude appeared at the bar wearing leather pants and a fishnet shirt, trying to buy a drink. Hawk had carded him. Instead of looking sheepish and walking away, Jude had flirted outrageously with Hawk. And when that hadn’t worked, he’d stuck his chin in the air and argued. Hawk had the bouncer escort him out.

The next time they met was close to a year later. Jude was working as a barista at the coffee shop near Hawk’s apartment. Hawk was home on leave and stopped in for a cup of coffee on his way to the bank. While Hawk perused the menu, Jude looked him over. Hawk wore what he almost always wore—camo pants and a tight black T-shirt. He hadn’t recognized Jude from their short encounter at the club a year before, but Jude recognized him. 

“I know you! You’re the bartender who had me thrown out of Leo’s last year.”

Hawk didn’t immediately know what the kid was talking about, but after about a minute of listening to him run his mouth about what a jerk Hawk had been to him, it all came back. After that, until his next deployment, Hawk would run into Jude daily, either at the cafe or on his morning run, or sometimes right outside Hawk’s building. Hawk wasn’t stupid. He knew the kid was doing it on purpose. But it was kind of flattering. Jude was a really cute guy, although Hawk was too old for him. And he made that plain, but he didn’t tell Jude to scram. Hawk got the idea he didn’t have much of a home life, and then he found out that Jude was basically living on the street.

That was when Hawk invited him to stay with him—in the extra bedroom, of course. Not that Jude didn’t try to get into Hawk’s bed, but when Hawk told him flat out that he was welcome to stay there, even when Hawk had to be deployed, but only if he stopped hitting on Hawk, Jude started towing the line.

Later, Hawk wound up rethinking that rule. 

Jude had just turned twenty, and at Hawk’s urging, he’d applied for federal assistance and started taking classes at the community college. One day he came home from the coffee shop and showered and changed into the nicest clothes he owned.

“Where’re you going?” Hawk asked, looking up from his phone.

“I have a date,” Jude said.

Hawk couldn’t have anticipated the pang in the gut he got when Jude said that. It came out of nowhere, completely blindsiding him. He really wasn’t even sure what it was.

Trying to sound casual, he asked, “Oh? Who with? Someone from school?”


Hawk told himself that was good. Jude needed to be hanging out with people his own age. He watched Jude getting all antsy, looking out the window every two seconds before finally announcing, “He’s here! See you later!” and bouncing out the door.

Hawk wasn’t sure why, but he didn’t have a good feeling about the date. He told himself it wasn’t jealousy. He was just looking out for Jude, who didn’t have anyone else to look out for him. Grabbing his jacket, Hawk followed, just catching sight of Jude climbing into a silver Lexus before it pulled away from the curb. He didn’t get a look at the driver. What kid Jude’s age drove a Lexus?

No cabs were around for Hawk to jump into and follow him, so Hawk had no choice but to go back upstairs.

He waited up for Jude that night, and when he came in at almost two in the morning, pounced on him.

“Why are you so late?”

Hand to his heart, Jude stared at Hawk with big brown eyes. “What the fuck, Hawk? Why did you jump out at me like that? You nearly gave me a heart attack.”

“Answer my question.”

“Geoff and I were hanging out. I didn’t realize it was so late.”

“Hanging out, or making out?” Hawk asked suspiciously.

Jude laughed.


“When exactly did you turn into a 1950s dad?” Jude asked.

“Who is this Geoff person?” Hawk asked.

“I told you I met him at school. I’ll introduce you to him, if you want. We’re going out Friday night.”

Slightly mollified, Hawk agreed. But the uncomfortable feeling in his gut that might have been jealousy but was more likely concern for a friend continued to nag at him.

When Friday rolled around, Hawk offered to cook something for all of them to eat there at the apartment. That way he could get to know Geoff and see if he was good enough for Jude.

As he finished making a salad, he heard Jude open the door and then the two of them talking. The guy had a deep voice. Drying his hands on a towel, he walked into the living room, stopping a few paces in. What was going on? Had Geoff’s father come in his place?

Jude turned to Hawk, smiling. “Hawk, this is Geoff. Geoff, this is my friend, Hawk. He’s my roommate I told you about.”

Geoff seemed shocked, probably that Hawk was closer to thirty than Jude’s age, but he rallied fast and held out his hand to shake.

However, it was taking Hawk a few moments to work things out. “This is Geoff?” he asked Jude. “The Geoff you met at school?”

“Yeah. He’s my history professor. He knows everything about the Vietnam War.”

“I’ll bet he does, seeing as he probably fought in it,” Hawk said, ire rising that this college professor was putting the moves on a twenty-year-old kid.

“Oh, come on. I’m not that old,” Geoff said.

“Yeah? How old are you?”

Geoff looked chagrined and mumbled something that started with a fifty.

“Get out,” Hawk said, pointing at the door.

“Hawk!” Jude swung his head between Hawk and Geoff.

“He’s more than twice your age, Jude!”

“So? And what are you, my dad?”

Hawk laughed. “Only if I had you when I was five! But Geoff here certainly could be!”

“Look, Jude is of age,” Geoff argued, but shut up when Hawk stepped close.

“If you know what’s good for you, you’ll get the fuck out of here right now and never approach Jude again. If I find out you’ve touched him inappropriately, I’ll find you and bash your fucking face in!”

“Hawk!” Jude protested, then yelled, “Geoff!” as his date headed for the door. When he was gone, Jude whirled on Hawk.

“Why did you do that?”

“That guy is way too old for you.”

“I like older guys!” Jude said. “I’ve told you that before!”

“Did that old weasel touch you?” Hawk suddenly pictured Geoff climbing all over Jude and wanted to go after him.

“None of your business. Who I want to date is none of your business!” Jude pointed a finger at him. “You don’t want me. Who are you to say Geoff can’t want me?”

“Oh, I’m sure Geoff does want you very badly.” Hawk backed Jude up against the wall. He couldn’t believe he was defending that pervert. “That old man wants in your pants more than he wants to take his next breath.”

“Hawk.” Jude sounded out of breath himself, and suddenly Hawk was staring at Jude’s mouth, which was as sensual as it always was with that full bottom lip that those pretty white teeth were always biting into.

“You really want that guy? Huh, Jude? A man old enough to be your father? He’s probably got dentures. You think he can satisfy you?”

Jude was breathing heavily now, his chest brushing against Hawk’s with every inhale. And Hawk was hard. 

So. Fucking. Hard.

When he lowered his mouth to Jude’s, he didn’t second guess himself. And he didn’t keep the kiss gentle. He tore into him, sweeping his tongue inside Jude’s pretty mouth and reaching out to catch him when Jude’s knees buckled beneath him. Jude brought his fingers to Hawk’s hair, tugging it hard as he kissed Hawk back.

“You want him?” Hawk asked, hungrily dragging his lips over Jude’s. “Do you want ole Geoff? Or do you want me?”

Jude moaned low in his throat and tried to climb Hawk’s body. Hawk hoisted him off his feet, wrapping Jude’s long legs around his waist as they continued to kiss deeply. 

“You, I want you,” Jude said as though in a fever dream, and Hawk attacked his neck, biting and bruising it, so fucking turned on by the way Jude gave himself over to him. 


Hawk blinked. 

 “Sir! We’re at the airport, sir.”

Ah. The cab driver. Beside Hawk, Jude stirred.

“Right,” Hawk said, opening the car door and surreptitiously adjusting his hard cock in his pants before he got out.

Out of Reach is available now in paperback and e-book formats and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription