Lust: MM Urban Fantasy Romance (Seven Deadly Sins Book 1) by Sienna Moreau

Angel says: "I am immensely excited for this series, and this book just makes me want more from this world." about Lust by Sienna Moreau

From the blurb:

Sleeping with the Demigod of Desire could cost Deacon his life, but falling for him could cost him everything.

Deacon St. James' search for his missing brother has led him straight into the arms of one of the Deadly Sins that rule the world. Lust is charming, captivating and powerful and Deacon all too willingly falls to his knees at his command. The connection and heat between them could consume him whole, if he lets it.

The forbidden fruit has never tasted so good.

As one of the Seven Deadly Sins, Lust has the world at his fingertips, never wanting for anything. From the moment Deacon walks into his life, Lust is enamored by the spirited man who can shake off the very magic that he uses to control the world. Once he has him in his bed, Lust has no intention of letting him go.

Nothing is at seems and survival is a fickle beast.

The harder Lust falls, the more everything falls apart around him. Enemies plot from the shadows, and secrets that both Lust and Deacon hold have the potential to destroy them from the inside. If they’re going to survive, they have to learn what it means to trust… and to love.

When the first strike lands, will they risk it all for a glimpse of a future together?

Lust is a high steam MM urban fantasy romance with dark themes, morally grey characters, violence, gore, and adult situations. It has a happily-for-now (HFN) for the couple featured, and ends on a plotline cliffhanger.

Angel's review:

Oh, how this book will grab ahold of you and won't let go. I don't think I've read a book by this author under this alias, I have read books by Aurora Crane (Sienna is the same author but under a different pen name) but I've never read books of hers under this penname. So, for me, seeing the difference in her writing styles when she write a different genre than what I'm used to reading by her, was immensely fascinating. How her writing style shifts with the genre she's writing is so extraordinary, how she manages to make it seem like there's two separate people writing these books is absolutely astonishing. And I mean this in the best way possible. I'm honestly floored!

This book starts of with impeccable detail to the world in which those story takes place in. We as readers are thrusted into Lust's mansion, and are taken along on Deacon's journey of him trying to discover the secrets behind his brother's disappearance. Besides the world building being so detailed the characters are as well! Each one tells a different story, and each one makes your mind wander. When each brother got introduced I was immediately captivated by each one, and I desperately wanted to know what their story is. What makes them tick? What story are they going to tell? And when an author can create side characters that captivate you as much as the MC's you know they are a good writer.

The plot line is so so good! I will note that this did end on a HFN. There is a cliffhanger in regards to the main storyline. A lot of questions did not get answered, but the way the book ended definitely set it up for some of those questions to get answered in the next book. Which is super exciting!! I thought the way the scenes and secrets were written was really well done, it kept you on the edge of your seat, and I was trying to figure out what secret the sins were keeping right alongside Deacon.

I cannot wait to see what else is to come in this series full of Sins, and if the other books are anything like this one then we will all be held captive by these Sins.

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