For Your Forever (For Your Love Book 4) by Crea Reitan

I love authors who represent diversity in their books; authors whose characters are anything but conventional and fitting the norm; authors who follow the pulse of the story even though it deals with uncomfortable topics or hard truths.

From the For Your Forever blurb:

Wishes on a star just don’t come true.

I used to believe in fairy tales, but I’ve kissed far too many frogs that never turn into Prince Charming. The glass slipper never fits. I’m always the ugly step-sibling; never the princess. They’re the same crushing blows every time.

When will you grow out of this phase?

Why can’t you be normal for once?

This was cute but now you’re just embarrassing me.

Why is it so difficult to accept that I like myself the way I am? With my pretty dresses, pastel tattoos, and sparkly nail polish, I like to feel beautiful.

All I want is my happily ever after. To be cherished and adored and loved for who I am. I desperately want to find my forever person.

Why am I always left with a broken heart instead?


This is a LGBT+ (MMMMM) story with content not intended for those under 18 years of age due to graphic scenes and situations.

GaleM's review:

Crea Reitan is one of them. I am in love with her storytelling - the feelings and power embedded in every word. Because You are worth it! You have an inner Vulcan sleeping somewhere inside you that wants to come out - the whisper of insecurity, our true selves, we, as people often have to hide in order to be socially adequate, to be accepted and liked. No! We are worth it the way we are no matter the color, the sexuality, the body shape, the clothing.

Vulcan is more than a character in a book - he is a special message hidden in a colorful package of pastel tattoos, sparkling nail polish and beautiful dresses. I loved his personality and strength; the fact that no matter the pain of repeated rejection and lack of understanding, he had the backbone to stay true to himself. And with the passing of years, seeing people paired up and happy, it was getting increasingly difficult to keep the sliver of hope that there is someone out there who will accept him as a package deal - the giant teddy bear, looking like a biker, but with all the colors of the rainbow, with his love for fuzzy leggings and soft blankets. So I totally understood his hesitation and fear when he met Luca. 

And through Luca, Vulcan met his partners - Zvi, Wren and Orson. Every one of them was once again someone out of the socially acceptable norm. Like pieces of patchwork quilt so different but fitting so well. Because this isn’t only a story about how fascinating diversity is, it's a story of open polyamory and love beyond standard limitations. So if this still isn't enough to convince you, how incredibly good the story is, I am adding the fact that there is role playing and a lot of kinky fun. Check out the TW and dive in.

For Your Forever is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription