Follow My Lead: A Rockstar Romance by Cal Cooper

Straightforward Rockstar romance between a lead singer and the new sound technician hired just as they go on tour. There's an instant connection, but it's low angst, slow-ish burn and entirely sweet.

From the Follow My Lead blurb:

Losing our sound engineer right before the start of my band’s first tour seems like a disaster. But when Lane shows up instead, it turns out to be a stroke of good luck. I can’t deny my attraction to his musical abilities and his mysterious smile. But this tour is a lifetime dream-come-true, and I can’t afford to be distracted by the handsome newcomer… until a hot night during a snowstorm changes all of that.

Lane: Touring with a band I barely know wasn’t how I expected to spend the next two weeks, but when a last-minute opportunity presents itself, I can’t help but jump on the chance. There’s something else I want to jump on, too… or rather, someone else. The band’s hot lead singer isn’t interested in me, though, or at least I thought he wasn’t. But after a scorching night in a cheap motel, I have good reason to think otherwise. Will we be able to focus on the tour, or will our mutual attraction overpower everything we’ve been working towards?

Sheena's review:

This was a new to me author, and I think perhaps this is a first novel too. If that's indeed the case, then I see good things if they continue to write, as this was really good. It's on the short side - not complaining at all - it's sweet, low angst, low-ish heat and a slow-ish burn too.

The two leads are both quite likable, although I did have a little trouble picturing Lane in my head, Noah was easier to envision. Noah identifies as bisexual, but hasn't done anything with a man before, and I liked that there was very little angsting over that fact. Although they both hit it off right away, and both realise separately that they have a connection, and both try to hide it for the sake of the tour they've just embarked on with Noah's band, Lane being the new sound guy for the band and thrown straight into the tour.

I did kind of feel the story ended quite abruptly and with the sudden declaration, I was waiting for more but that was kind of it.

The whole thing is really quite wholesome and sweet though, and I really enjoyed it being so drama-free. There's no twist, no tension with the band, the whole thing is just straightforward and refreshing. I'm hoping for more, I think there might be more to tell with the bandmates, and if so I'll be here for that.

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