Eight Seconds To Ride by Ashley James (Copper Lake Book 1)


One word.... COWBOYS... 💙🥰🔥♨️🥵🌶️ Check out Eight Seconds to Ride.

From the blurb:

A steamy one night stand in the bathroom of a bar in Las Vegas after a world championship win? Yes, please.  

Meeting him again months later, only to learn he’s my newest competition? Not so much.
The weight of the legacy I carry is a constant tug in my mind, with the ghosts of the generations before me always whispering for me to push harder, train longer, be better.
In the eight seconds I have to ride, everything else falls away and my sole focus is on doing what I do best.
I am Shooter Graham, consecutive three time world champion bronc rider.  No one has ever come close to taking the title since I’ve had it… until him.
Sterling Addams. The new cowboy in town with dark hair, eyes like honey, and a taste for me he likes to pretend he doesn’t have.
He’s green… but he’s good. Too good.
Suddenly, the already heavy pressure I’m under multiplies tenfold. The need to beat him, the uncontrollable urge to put him in his place, becomes almost an obsession.
The question is, how far will I go to prove I’m number one?

Zakiyya's Review:

Damn, damn... HOT DAMN.
The way I've been crazy about cowboys before is absolutely nothing compared to how hot I am for them after reading this... 😍😍
Ms James writes in a way that feels as though you're experiencing it all right besides the characters.

The story captivated me from the start with a smoking hot prologue and just progressed wonderfully from there. The tension that ignites between Sterling and Shooter every time they're in each other's proximity, was exhilarating.

These guys had a really great story to tell and it all came through perfectly. A host of equally exciting supporting characters made this even more enjoyable and I'm thrilled for the future reads in this series... I mean, come on, even more sexy cowboys? Count me in... 😍😍

And to answer all of the common questions... there is absolutely no OM/OW drama and no cheating at all.

Oh Lord, I'm already greedy for the rest of this series.

This is a book I cannot recommend enough and I'm ecstatic to have finished 2023 on a high note... 💙🥰💙

Oh wait! Did I mention how sizzling these cowboys were? 😏

Eight Seconds to Ride is currently available as an e-book.