Cover Reveal: April's Fool, Northarbor Coven Series Book 2 by Jax Stuart

The long-awaited sequel to January Blues is up for preorder. April's Fool is the second book in the Northarbor Coven series.

The Blurb:

Damon will never regret freeing his best friend, even if it has put him in a powerful witch's sights. For a human, even an accomplished hitman, a witch is a dangerous enemy to have.

Damon was thinking of leaving the hitman life behind when in a stroke of irony, a hit is ordered on him. Soon, nowhere is safe, not even the demon realm. He finds himself under the protection of Mori, a
demon prince and his best friend's dad. Damon doesn't do love, but he can't deny they share a connection. How can he guard his heart from the sweet demon?
As a prince, his people love Mori, yet no one has caught his attention quite like Damon. The hitman is hiding more than a tragic past. Mori wants to learn his secrets and earn Damon's love.

It will take more than Mori and his bodyguard to protect Damon, but when the Northarbor Coven gets involved, everything becomes more complicated.

Was Damon a fool for thinking that Northarbor and a life with Mori could be his fresh start?

April's Fool is the second book in the Northarbor Coven series, with a hitman who loves to be creative in his work and a golden retriever type demon. Someone meets their end to a peanut allergy and there is some violence. Best read after January Blues.

Excerpt (Unedited and subject to change):

Mori's POV

More than once, I felt Damon's eyes on me. He'd given me a limp handshake, that same prickle of energy going through me at his touch. Even when we parted, he was there. Awareness of him skated over my skin. A pull I couldn't deny. He looked good, dressed in a suit that probably cost more than most made in half a year. It emphasized the lean lines of his body. The cut of the slacks framed his ass so well my mouth watered.

Cody frowned at us both, catching us looking. Gregoris glowered, but quickly pulled on a blank mask of indifference. "Perhaps we should see our rooms. It's getting late."

"I'll start dinner," Toth offered.

"Okay, quick tour and then I'll show you where you'll be sleeping."

The castle was gorgeous. There were more than enough rooms for my parents to stay if their first visit with Cody went well. The rooms had clearly been aired out and refreshed with magic before we arrived. Gregoris was shown his first, it was closest to the stairwell leading downstairs, with a Jack and Jill bathroom, so he had easy access to where I was sleeping. Unnecessary, yet it would keep him from complaining about his fears for my safety. As if there weren't four demons staying in the castle, well, three point five, with Cody's added witch power.

"Your room is here, Dad," Cody said with a sweet smile. I glanced through the doorway at the movement opposite my door. My son caught me watching Damon enter his room. "I don't care what's going on there," he leaned in closer to say, "but you will not fuck my best friend in my home, do you understand?" Cody's eyes promised fire and retribution if I went against his wishes.

"So I can fuck him? Just not here?" I asked for the necessary clarification.

Cody flicked a look over his shoulder where Damon was lurking in his doorway, close enough to hear if we talked clearly enough. I had no idea what his human senses were like, though I wasn't entirely sure that Damon was fully human. "You're both adults. As long as it's consensual, I don't care. I will say this, though," Cody leaned in even closer to bite out the words. "Don't make me choose between you if this goes wrong. You might not like what happens."

Well, that was charming. Not that I blamed him.

April's Fool is out on Feb 26th and will be in Kindle Unlimited.