Broken Ice: Alpha Omega Hockey: Florida by Marina Vivancos

The Alpha Omega Hockey series continues a few years later with a new home team. Beau is sure that his new teammate Emilio hates him, but when he needs help during a heat he can't deny that getting the Alpha to help is a dream come true. But it's only temporary right?

From the Broken Ice blurb:

After being forced to take suppressants for a year by his coach, Beau’s body is a mess. He has a debilitatingly painful heat every two weeks, and there’s no medication available to help him.

Being traded from the team that did that to him is a slap to the face. Being traded to their direct competitors, the Miami Manatees, is just the cherry on top of the sh*t sundae that has become his life.

Now Beau doesn’t just have to get through heats only an Alpha would be able to help with, but has to tolerate Emilio, the guy who doesn’t only hate him, but his Omega scent.

Which doesn’t really make sense, what with how protective and possessive the Alpha gets when Beau goes into heat…and how he keeps volunteering to help him through them.
Beau might take him up on that offer, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to fall in love.

SNik's review:

Fourth in series (Alpha Omega Hockey), but can be read as a standalone. This is a slight spin-off of the original series (New York), set a few years later with a Florida hockey team and might be more fun if read in order to understand the A/o dynamics better. Alpha/omega. Teammates to lovers. Hurt/comfort. Single POV. 

Traded to a new team, Beau has to deal with the possibility that his overwhelming omega scent might bother his teammates, especially the Alpha Emilio who always looks disgusted when around Beau. But his teammates accept him, and when he relies on Emilio during an unexpected heat, Beau can’t deny his secret crush if Emilio is willing to help with heats. 

Beau is the king of being oblivious, and there is again not enough communication about feelings which causes all kinds of misunderstandings and yearning for something that is right within reach. In my opinion Vivancos is a genius at writing cinnamon roll Alphas and strong omegas that revel in the care of that special Alpha they find, not to mention the high steam that really make her stories some of my favorites, and this book continues that tradition.

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