Audio Review: The Player's Lounge: The Player's Lounge Series, Book 1 by Dan Calley: Narrated by Dan Calley

When Dan Calley decided to write his own book we knew he would be the narrarator and wow combined magic. The Player's Lounge is one of those that is just better when in audiobook because it's read aloud by the man who put the words out to us.

From the blurb:

Quint has a secret – he’s a Player: a reincarnated soul walking amongst the living with his past life memories intact, with all the heartache over remembering his loves and losses.

Society knows Players like Quint as the One Percent, but only seems to hear about the bad ones, not understanding the burdens and knowledge that most have to carry.

This is Quint’s first time as a Player and he’s living it, using his past life’s knowledge to find his way in a new world, but he still hasn’t found what he came here for – Leo.

In their previous lives, Quint and Leo declared their love right before they died, and made a simple pact: in the next lifetime, they’d find each other.

Only Leo isn’t keeping to his promise.

Needing to understand why, Quint has one option left to try to find Leo: The Player’s Lounge…. A mysterious app where the lost souls of the One Percent can reconnect.

'The Player’s Lounge' is the debut novel from prolific M/M narrator Dan Calley.

Molly Otto's review:

The Player's Lounge truly is unlike anything I've read before and from me that is saying something. It's right on that edge of sci-fi and reality that makes you hope that it could be a reality. You are either a Player or a Reboot. 
If you are a Player, you can not tell a Reboot of your true reality. It's a mind boggle, and it keeps you pulled in from start to finish.

Mind is still reeling. This is Dan's first novel. I've been a fan of his narrations for years now, and am so glad to see he took this next big step into the literary world.

This is a low steam low angst read of soulmates destined to keep finding each other over and over again. It could've been angsty, but the way it was written, it was more lyrical than anything. Cannot wait to see this journey as it continues in future works.

Audio update:

What can I say, Dan Calley narrating a Dan Calley book but pure perfection! Dan made his words even more beautiful, hard-hitting, and transporting to his world. just pure magic to listen to. Every emotion just hits that much better when done well with good narrators. I can't wait to see what he has in store next for this ensemble of characters.

The Player's Lounge is currently available as an audiobook, e-book and paperback, and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription