A Pirate's Pleasure: (A 13 Kingdom's Story) by H.L Day

A man on the run asks for the help of the pirate captain that was once his best friend and lover. Can Zephyr forgive Lief enough to help him escape a murder charge? And can they survive a murderous harpy while trying to clear Lief's name?

From the A Pirate's Pleasure blurb:

A death sentence. A murderous harpy. And two men who must mend the mistakes of the past to survive the present.

Being on the run is no laughing matter for Lief Cooper. Better that than be hanged for a murder he didn’t commit, though. In his desperation, there’s only one man he can turn to—Captain Zephyr Chase. His magical prowess might make him the most feared pirate in all the realm, but to Lief, he’s a childhood friend and his ex-lover. Oh, and the man whose heart he happened to break.

Help Lief? Hardly. Zephyr would rather zap himself with lightning. Besides, he’s got more important things to worry about than the sexual chemistry still burning brightly between them. Like the obsessive and deranged harpy masquerading as a man who will stop at nothing to claim Zephyr as his own. And he’s not going to take too kindly to there being competition.

Lief and Zephyr have a golden opportunity for a second chance at love. But first, they need to clear Lief’s name, thwart a monster who’s impossible to kill, and not starve to death at sea in the process. Easy, right?

A Pirate's Pleasure is a 94k enemies to lovers story set in a fantastical world of action and adventure. It features soldiers determined to see ‘justice’ done, an antagonistic pirate crew, kidnapping, imprisonment, magic, passion, a huge dose of stubbornness, and a mysterious someone out to frame Lief for murder.

While existing in the same universe as H.L Day’s “13 Kingdoms” series, A Pirate’s Pleasure stands on its own, offering a captivating escape into a world where redemption and love may come at a perilous cost.

SNik's review:

Standalone. Paranormal/fantasy. Childhood friends to lovers. Second chance. Slow burn. Dual POV.
Framed for murder, Lief returns to the pirate town where he grew up, hoping that his one time best friend and lover will help him escape the hangman’s noose. With magic at his fingertips and his pirate ship beneath his feet, Zephyr is living the good life, even if he is on the run from a crazed harpy, Zephyr certainly doesn’t expect his first love to show up asking for help. Lief and Zephyr end up on a big danger filled adventure while reconnecting and realizing that their love for each other had never faded.

With some flashbacks to show them when they were younger and their obvious bond, it is easy to see how their relationship falls back into something meaningful, even though they still have to find some type of compromise to stay together. Any time Lief and Zephyr were on page together was entertaining, and their lives being in jeopardy throughout the story kept me engrossed until they could finally get their HEA.

A Pirate's Pleasure is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription