Tentacles Rock: A Winter Holiday MM Tentacle Romance, Tinsel and Tentacles by K.C. Carmine

TENTACLES ROCK brings us the perfect combination of a love of music, tentacles and kink! What a great offering to the Tinsel and Tentacles series showing yet again how many different takes authors can take from one idea.

From the blurb:

A tentacled waiter. A grumpy musician. A song that brings them together.


I arrived in Miami to learn about the restaurant business so I could sail towards my goal of taking over my dad’s taverna. Or so I thought. Because when I meet Rick, a talented rockstar with a body to die for, my love for music reawakens. In the past, I found out through heartbreak and rejection, that the world wouldn’t accept a musician with tentacles. I can’t jeopardize my future and disappoint my family for a fling with a rockstar, no matter how much me and my tentacles want him.


After months of creative block and fruitless search for a new sound, I find something even better. A muse. But the waiter with a dimpled smile and talented tentacles becomes so much more to me all too quickly. The music we create together touches my heart, but it’s Ner who finally steals it. His dominant streak hidden behind easy smiles, the alluring shade of his teal skin, and the things he can do with those tentacles blow my mind.

If only he didn't have to return to Greece and the future he had planned before our paths crossed.


Nereus and Rick’s lives couldn't be more different, their plans for the future more diverse, but the strength of their connection rivals the pull of the ocean.
Will they have the courage to battle the storm of their lives to choose each other?

Tropes/Themes: grumpy/sunshine, rockstar, tentacle fun, light b0ndage, steamy descriptive scenes, MM, HEA.

Tentacles Rock is part of the Tinsel and Tentacles multi-author collaboration and a complete standalone.
Expect to find a tentacled waiter chasing his dreams, a grumpy musician in search of inspiration, warm winter in Florida, sand snowmen, and very talented tentacles. The story takes place in the Cryptid Alliance series world.

Want more tantalizingly tentacular winter holiday romances? Grab the whole series!

Molly Otto's Review:

Perfect combination of music, passion, tentacles, and kink. Love that KC took this series idea this way and delivered it to perfection. It's just an overall fun and intriguing read that keeps you hooked from the go to see how it all played out. KC is one of my go to kink writers, and when you add tentacles into play, wow, just wow.

The passion for music is so beautifully pronounced, showing the struggle for that passion to go for your dreams. Seriously, it's just a beautiful overall read.

Rating: 5 Stars

SNik's Review:

Part of a multi-author series (Tinsel and Tentacles), but can be read as a standalone. Quick read. Dual POV. 

Rick is a famous rockstar that is in a rut since he hasn't been able to write any music since his brother left the band, the only glimmer he gets of his creativity is when he starts talking to the cute waiter he has a crush on. 

Nereus is only in Miami for a few more weeks, studying restaurant management he plans to help his family business, but when he crosses paths with Rick they connect instantly through their love of music. 

In a world where preternaturals are a part of society, Rick and Ner find themselves falling fast and hard, but they only have a short amount of time before Ner returns home. 

Ner and Rick’s attraction simmers as their friendship grows and soon there is plenty of tentacle spice and steamy times between them as well. 

Both characters are likable, yearning for more but very much aware of their responsibilities to family, but whenever they are together, their HEA seems inevitable. 

Tentacles and sweetness for the holidays, this story hits all the right notes.

Rating: 4.25 Stars

Nicole's Review:

Nereus and Rick were so effin hot!!!! I loved the hint at fated mates without it being super obvious. Rick had a lot of repressed emotions and Ner’s sunshine was perfect to help him work through them. Also, hello BDSM tentacles and self love have a whole new meaning!!!!🔥🔥🔥🥵🥵🥵

Rating: 5 Stars

Tentacles Rock is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.