Stronger Together: An M/M Friends-to-Lovers Gay Romance (Partners: Book 1) by Jamie Lynn Miller

Work partners and best friends, Colin and Liam, are never far from each other, and when a kiss to keep their cover happens, they have to determine if they will try for more. As they spend time alone in a secluded cottage, Colin and Liam are able to explore their feelings and build a strong basis for a future together. Stronger Together is book 1 in the Partners series.

From the blurb:

One unexpected kiss. Two lives turned upside down.

Working for British Intelligence, agents Liam Bancroft and Colin Mason live a life of danger, on the razor’s edge. They’ve seen it all, done it all, trusting one another unequivocally with their very lives. Partners. Best mates. Their bond unbreakable.

Until one assignment changes everything…

It should’ve been nothing more than a simple, innocent kiss to save their cover and their mission. But instead, it sends Colin fleeing on a difficult journey of self-discovery and Liam fearing he’s irrevocably destroyed their friendship beyond repair.

Against the backdrop of a quaint cottage in the sleepy English countryside, painful secrets are revealed, long-buried feelings rise to the surface and two men learn for the first time in their lives what it truly means to be in love.

SNik's Review:

Stronger Together is the first in series (Partners). Best friends/coworkers to lovers. Single POV. 

An unexpected kiss between Colin and Liam during work throws their friendship for a loop and opens up the possibility that they can have more in their relationship. They’ve worked as partners for years as British intelligence agents, but it’s the seventies and any kind of homosexual relationship has to stay hidden. When they end up at Colin’s country cottage, they are able to explore the chance to be together, away from any judgment. 

A swoony and sweet romance as Colin and Liam spend time learning even more deeply about each other, how they share similar dreams of a future together and discuss their pasts honestly. 

I enjoyed all their interactions, either being comforting and friendly to their steamy and spicy times. 

It really felt like a best friends finding love together story with a HFN.

Rating: 4.25 Stars

KjnRose's Review:

This was a really good, low angst romance book. It's a little different from I normally read since it was set in the past, but it was interesting. I loved how it showed Liam's interest in Colin and finally Colin's acceptance of himself. These two men fall in love that starts from their friendship, but there is an acknowledgement of how hard it's going to be for them in a time where there is no outward acceptance of LGBT.

Rating: 4 Stars

Stronger Together is available to buy in ebook and paperback formats.