Never Getting Over You (Never Been The Same Series Book 3) by Aria Brennan

First love so strong that both parties know they are NEVER GETTING OVER YOU. A standalone book in the Never Been The Same series of second chances at getting things done the right way this time.

From the blurb:

What if you only ever get one shot at love?
I had my chance. A chance at a love so complete, so pure, so all-consuming that when it was gone I was shattered.
It’s been five years since the love of my life walked away from me, his promises to love me forever becoming little more than a pretty lie.
Jade Rosewood was always destined for a life far bigger than mine. The son and heir to the global Rosewood media empire, I was never more than a distraction to be crushed. Besides, he has moved on, lives a glamorous life in New York city. He even went and married a woman.
I have never moved on.
But then a gay cheating scandal has Jade Rosewood’s marriage imploding, splashed about the news like it’s everyone’s business and I am spiralling. Then, a knock at my front door sees my life flipped upside down and a chance at maybe, just maybe, finding that once-in-a-lifetime love again before it slips away forever.
Never Getting Over You is a light-on-angst, heart crushing, sweet-as-pie love story, with two adorable, heartbroken boys who pine and yearn for each other from the opposite sides of the globe but for whom outside forces would rather see kept apart. Contains tender M/M moments that will hold your heart to ransom and leave you wanting more.

Molly Otto's Review:

Do you believe two people were meant to be together?  Even when it was first love? This book shows both sides to a story of young love being torn yet brought together so beautifully there was no doubt they were meant to be.

From this author's previous works in this series, I knew they were phenomenal writer but were not expecting this level of intrigue and heartbreak. Alex & Jade were each other's firsts for everything, and then they were torn apart. You feel the betrayal and pain of Alex, and you see the other side of the story and feel all of what Jade has endured to be with Alex.

Grab your tissues. This is gonna be an emotional rollercoaster in the best, most beautiful way possible.

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Never Getting Over You is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.