Alpha Dragon's Jackal (The Dragonfate Games Book 3) by Hawke Oakley

The Dragonfate Games are back with Cobalt's turn in Alpha Dragon's Jackal.

From the blurb:

No rules—or locks—will stop the eldest alpha dragon from claiming his mate.

Muzo is an incurable optimist. After losing everything but the clothes on his back, the young omega
still looks brightly to the future. His upcoming appearance on the third Dragonfate Games is bound to be a blast, even if he doesn’t find his mate... despite how badly he wants to.

Cobalt is a perpetual worrier. As the eldest dragon brother, he’s responsible for keeping his loved ones safe. He’s already failed once—he won’t do it again. But can he concentrate on protecting his family and finding love at the same time?

One night, fate strikes a fiery match that disturbs the water of Cobalt’s soul. The alpha dragon senses his mate before the Games even begin. And once the unsuspecting jackal shifter arrives on the island, Cobalt will break every rule—and door—to be with him.

Alpha Dragon's Jackal is a fun, sweet, opposites-attract mpreg novel featuring a huge alpha dragon and his tiny bubbly omega. Reading the series in order is recommended. No cheating, and fluffy HEA guaranteed!

Jacquie's Review:

I was so excited to see there was another Dragonfate Games book out this year and immediately preordered it (I might have also preordered book 4 already lol). This series is a lot of fun, very sweet in what I'm coming to see as the author's style, and entertaining. As it is a series, I would recommend reading the other books first.

This book overflowed with cuteness. Honestly, the size difference and the tender care that Cobalt treated Muzo with were just perfect. Carrying him, talking about putting him in his pocket - so cute!

For steam there's their first time and um... the hoard scene, which was something! I love how unusual all these dragons, their hoards, and even their kinks are.

Despite their differences, Muzo and Cobalt had a lot of common, similar outlooks on life and a love for their family. Chosen family in Muzo's case.

There were a bit more of the other dragons in this book, setting up future books and teasing about what will come.

I'm desperate for Poppy's book, but it looks like we have to wait. I still think he belongs with Viol.

Rating: 5 Stars

Alpha Dragon's Jackal is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.