Afterglow by Abigail Hunter (Trick of Light)


Abigail Hunter's debut novella, Afterglow, is a steamy romp between two models.. 

From the blurb:

Stoic, masculine, powerful. Thorn is everything people want in a model. His stage name conveys a sense of dominance over others, and the strong look in his eyes lets the watcher know that he's in control.

Thorn's next shoot is his opportunity to break out as an international model, but there's one main problem: Thorn has no idea how to act sexy. Which is fine for catwalks and shampoo ads, but not for a designer brand.

In reality, Thorn's painful awkwardness and his shy nature means the idea of thrusting his ass up in the air in a pair of tight green boxer shorts freezes him up. When the camera focuses on him and the director asks for more, Thorn can't deliver, especially when the man he's been in love with for two years is watching.

Luca is a world famous model and Thorn's partner for the shoot, as well as being the only person that makes Thorn fumble and blush.

But if Thorn is going to get the perfect shot, he needs help. Thorn has one night to figure out how to drive the camera wild, something Luca can do with ease. So, when Luca offers him the chance to train him in the art of sex, Thorn isn't going to say no, especially when he's been dying to taste Luca from the moment they first met.

Afterglow is an MM novella containing explicit sex scenes and is recommended for readers 18+

Heather's Review:

This novella packs a spicy punch and is a great introduction, but it definitely felt like a teaser rather than a main course... 

I love the chemistry between Luca and Thorn and I would have loved to have seen this develop in to an actual relationship, beyond the shoot and giving us more depth and more steam (cause who doesn't love more steam...).  I would have also loved for the author to explore their backstories a little more - why was Thorn so shy and awkward, and what could having Luca in his corner mean for him...  Can Luca be monogamous? Does he want to?

I think this is a great start to the story and I want more.

Rating: 4 Stars 

Afterglow is currently available in paperback and e-book format and is available to read with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.