The Fating by Dianna Roman

"A human mated to an alien? What could go wrong?" Angel read The Fating from Dianna Roman.

From the blurb:

I hate Galaxy 6781. HATE it!

One last job. The bounty of a lifetime.

It wasn’t supposed to end with me on a slave planet and my entire crew dead. So, when the chance to escape presented itself, I took it. Had I known more about my fellow escapee, I might have reconsidered.

When Grantham, crowned prince of Ditali, tried giving me some schpiel about how the universe has chosen us to be together, as in together ‘together’, I shot that theory down stat. I mean, I’m not even into males.

Except…now he says he’s dying. Dying in the sense that because one handsome bounty hunter rejected our so-called ‘fating’, he’s literally wasting away before my eyes.

Sad, but what do I care? We’re strangers.

The debris field we’re approaching can kiss my backside, right along with my lack of flight skills because as much as I’m not into males, I’m not ready to die. They’d better throw me a parade when we get to his planet.

Galaxy 6781, I really, really, really hate you.

A satirical, scifi, MM romance.

Angel's Review:

I've read a few of Dianna's books now and I really enjoy their writing style. The Fating was completely different from what Dianna has written previously. Besides there being aliens, and the book taking place in space, I feel as though her style of writing changed up a bit as well. It took me quite sometime to fully enjoy this story. It was difficult for me to like Cole's character. He was very brash, and quite harsh towards Grantham. I didn't quite understand his demeanor towards the other man, when all Grantham did was be polite and kind. 

This book is full of steamy scenes. In fact, the majority of the book is steamy scenes. I thought Grantham's character was really intriguing. I liked the uniqueness of his character. I think it's cool that Dianna not only thought up his character but also the familial lines, along with a whole planet full of different species, food, and rules. I also appreciated how sweet and respectful Grantham was. Even though Cole kept treating him poorly, he still respected and honored whatever Cole ordered him to do.  Overall, I thought this story was alright, I just had an issue with Cole's character. Haha!!

Rating: 4 Stars

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