No Backing Down (Zone Defense Book 4) by Becca Seymour

We are back into Beccas pro basketball world with No Backing Down, the story of two best friends who will go to the ends of the world and back for one another. Get ready to fall for these two men from silly teens to adults who just always have the others backs.

From the blurb:

When we’re both needy and tactile AF, it’s no wonder everyone thinks my best friend and I are an item. But that’s so not what’s going on.

Cassius Britton, the mouthy basketball player for the Minnesota Eagles, is my soul mate. He has been since he shared his gummy bears and let me have all the red ones.

Because that’s the kind of person he is—selfless and sweet. But he’s so much more than that. He’s the man who rescued me from my homophobic parents. He’s the man who brought me and my sister into his family home and wrapped us in love and sunshine.

All of that, and so much more, makes us soul mates—which doesn’t mean he’s meant to be mine.

And when I become a dad and have to balance being a cop in our small town while dealing with grief, of course he steps up, because that’s who Cassius is.

But when I need to get married, when I need a man to step up and be by my side, maybe Cassius is too close. Too much of a risk.

Because how can I possibly marry my best friend and not start to fall, especially when the secrets between us are so explosive, they’ll either burn us to the ground or set our hearts free forever?

Trigger warnings can be on the Blurb page at the beginning of the e-book or on my website's product page.

Molly Otto's Review:

Let's start by saying how can two people who have known they were soul mates (platonically in heads sure) be so sad with communication? How I adore these two Cassius and Dylan have been each other's worlds for as long as they can remember they are so beautifully in sync with one another, it's truly magical to watch. This one was more angsty than previous books but in the right way to show the strength of the relationship between Cassius and Dylan.

 When tragedy strikes, you rely on your best friend to make things better, and oh boy, do these men and Cassius' amazing supportive family do that in spades. Their support is what makes this book so beautiful. You know, no matter what happens, there is no backing down. You are in it till the end.

Thank you, Becca, for another great read.

Rating: 5 Stars

Angel's Review:

This book was phenomenal!! It was cute, realistic, sad, funny, steamy, and full of love. 

Cass and Dylan have been best friends ever since they were five and shared their gummy bears with each other. Both men grew up together, being a constant in each other's lives, being what the other needed. While they were younger, they did hook up, but both men decided not to talk about it..

Flash forward a couple years, and all those feelings and emotions they decided to not talk about come rushing back.

I don't want to share too much about the book cause I don't want to spoil the plot. I'd like to keep the surprises safe, so then you'll be surprised when you read the story yourself. 

This book was incredibly well written. I was fully invested in both Cass and Dylan from the very first page. The characters were written very realistically, and every character that was mentioned had a reason for being there. Even Dylan's horrible parents, who I wish he didn't have to deal with. I really loved the found family component that just shine throughout this book. Cass's parents may not be biologically related to Dylan, but they still view him as their son. They treat him as such as well. 

I adored reading about the bond Cass and Dylan have. That's the type of friendship everyone should have. Having that person who will always be in your corner and will come when needed is so special. I wish I had a friend like that. I absolutely loved Mikey. He's Soo cute!! And the bond he developed with not only Dylan but the closeness that occurred between him and Cass was so beautiful! 

I truly enjoyed reading this incredible love story between these two men, and how they raised Mikey as their own. This book made me smile, laugh, tear up, and make me frustrated all in one go. I really recommend for you to get yourself a copy, and read this beautiful story. 

Rating: 4.5 Stars

No Backing Down is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.


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