Fated Mates and Where to Find Them, Fated Mates #2 by AJ Sherwood

Ignore that Fated Mates and Where to Find Them is technically book 2 in this series, it can be read in any order. Plus, book 1 isn't out yet! Hurry up December!

From the blurb:

Zander is in an auction house for the sole purpose of getting someone to sign a contract. He doesn’t have any interest in owning a blood slave—until he lays eyes on Max. That, he must have.

Max is there for reasons of his own, mostly desperate reasons, and he’s braced himself for a year of hell. Which doesn’t seem to be forthcoming.

Someone needs to explain to this vampire that he’s supposed to use Max, not spoil him. Zander doesn’t seem to get it.

Paranormal romance, blood slave contract thing, except Zander doesn’t actually know how to own someone, I’m pretty sure he’d break out into hives if he couldn’t spoil Max, Max has no idea what just hit him, he just knows he’s somehow the responsible one, it’s definitely not Zander, sexy times incoming!, Zander is a walking green flag, sass, so much sass incoming, light angst, mostly as an excuse for cuddles, stubborn to lovers, part time soulmates, full time problem, whole story is just mindless violence and fluff, the summary really doesn’t get across how much sex is in this but it’s also not wrong, cinnamon protection squad, assemble!

Jacquie's Review:

Fun novella

Okay, so these are sort of out of order, but I'm okay with that. The story was still interesting, and I didn't feel like any backstory was missing. Yes, I want to know about Chase and Ronan, but we get that soon. Come on December!

A chance meeting has Max in contract with Zander, even if Max is frightened of vampires. He needs the money from being a blood slave to pay his dad's hospital bills. Zander sees how fragile Max is and sets about wooing him in a slightly over the top way.

No, really. Zander is out to spoil Max rotten. He refuses to feed from someone unwilling and waits until there is trust there before that happens. 

A cautious human and a golden retriever vampire. Fun, right? So good! Zander was just adorable and Max couldn't help but fall in love.

Some great additional characters, like Zander's sire, who happens to be a mafia boss too. There's a great scene when Max meets him!

Lots of additional lore with levels and a government that is all kinds of sketchy. I really want more stories, like Jin and Dante as well as the Chase one.

Rating: 5 Stars

Fated Mates and Where to Find Them is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.