Eight Dates: A Holiday Romantic Comedy by E.M. Lindsey

Eight days, Eight Dates, one after the other, he'll find someone right? 

From the blurb:

With a brother like this, who needs enemies?

Ben Weiss is perfectly fine on his own, thank you very much. After his last failed relationship, he doesn’t need the drama. But his brother has decided to play matchmaker this year and has set him up with eight blind dates, one for each night of Chanukah.

And with eight in a row, there has to be one decent guy in the lot…right?

With Ben’s luck, apparently not. From a date that bites, to one rude to the server, to the guy who brought along his mom, every single one has been a nightmare. Ben’s ready to give up on love for good, adopt a cat, and call it a day.

But there’s one bright light in Ben’s week he hasn’t expected in the form of Nova, the adorable, kind-hearted bartender who’s come to his rescue every time a date has gone wrong. And while Ben’s not sure he believes in holiday miracles, he’s starting to think that each bad date has brought him closer to the happily ever after he was always meant to have.

Can someone fall in love in eight nights? In Ben’s case, during a wild string of bad luck, the answer might still be yes.

Eight Dates is a stand-alone friends to lovers, swoony, spicy holiday romance featuring terrible blind dates, rooftop espionage, the merits of fine hot chocolate and crispy latkes, and finding love where you least expect it.

Angel's Review:

I will admit I don't know much about Jewish holidays aside from the ones I've read in EM's books. I thought it was interesting to learn about Chanukah, and to learn the different ways to celebrate that holiday. 

I really felt for Ben. His brother decided to set him up on eight different dates so maybe he wouldn't be so lonely anymore. However, after the first few dates, Ben's starting to wonder if his brother's 'gift' was more of a punishment than a gift. Although it's not all bad, because the person who has helped him get out of those horrid dates is Nova. 

I truly enjoyed reading this book. I'm not used to there being so many laughable moments in a book by EM. Although I'll be honest, those scenes that make you giggle are also scenes that make you wince simultaneously. I have no idea how the author came up with so many characters for each of the eight dates. I loved how they took the time to do that. To make those moments believable and realistic. 

The relationship that developed between Nova and Ben was so sweet and so special. They formed a unique bond after they first met, and from that moment on they grew feelings for one another. I loved the slow burn! As much as I wanted Nova and Ben to go on their own date, I liked how EM wrote Nova's character. How Nova wouldn't take Ben on a date until he finished his eight dates. I liked that aspect, if not only added another horrid date for Ben to go on, but it also made the moment when Ben and Nova got together that much sweeter. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book, and I highly recommend you to read this book!  

Rating: 5 Stars

Eight Dates is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.