Dragon's Descent (To Kill a King Book 3) by Sam Burns & W.M. Fawkes

"The best book in this series by far!!" Angel read Dragon's Descent, To Kill a King book 3.

From the blurb:

In my life, I have loved a boy, a prince, a king, and a madman. Now, I must let him go.

King Dmitri was once a prince of flowers, but when his father was murdered in a treasonous plot by his own family, all of Dima’s hope and innocence shattered. At his lowest point, he took the crown and bonded the land, and in the process, he lost himself.

Now, the boy I once loved is brutal and cruel, and the best I can do for his kingdom is to put us both out of our misery before he destroys it all.

Join our valiant knight as he fights to thaw the icy heart of a mad king in this MM high fantasy romance, featuring: endless pining, so much trauma, a griffin-rider with a heart of gold, a wilting flower prince, more than a little fire, and the end of a kingdom.

Angel's Review:

I've been eagerly awaiting Dima's story. His character always piqued my interest because his cousins and sister always spoke of him fondly when they were younger. Then he turned into a cold and ruthless man that nobody recognized anymore. I honestly wasn't sure how Dima's character could be redeemed. I didn't know if it would work, or if his character was too far gone. I'm proud to say that he wasn't too far gone!! He recognized that he was hurting those around him, and that despite his paranoia, his closest family wasn't out to get him. They just wanted to help. 

I loved how these authors wrote Dragon's Descent. The way they constructed going back to the past so we could get to see how Dima and Arkadii were once before. The way they wrote the difference between time periods was done seamlessly, it made sense and was done very well. Going back and forth through time in books is very hit or miss, and these authors definitely succeeded with pulling that off. 

Additionally, the relationship between Arcadii and Dima was so heartbreaking at times, but also so beautiful and poignant. I loved seeing their relationship grow and develop, even though it was painful for them for quite some time. They eventually were able to help each other and rekindle their connection that has been smothered for years. 

I really loved seeing all the characters from the past few books. I thought that they needed to be in this story in order for it to make sense. I loved the found family feel that developed within the pages of this book. The way things got explained from Dima and Arcadii's POV really cleared some things up, and I also appreciated how all the siblings and cousins came together. They learned to lean on each other and how to hold each other up, how to be a family again despite all the things that they went up against. 

I adored being able to go on this journey and getting to 'watch' the cold king reclaim his identity and his love for flowers, and becoming Arcadii's King Of Flowers. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Dragon's Descent is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.