Coming Out at Crofton Hall by Rebecca Cohen (Modern Crofton)

It's finally time for Dorian to get himself in order AND get his HEA and where better to do so, than at Crofton Hall, where we can catch up with the rest of the cast of characters and see how Ben and Ashley are taking to parenthood... in Coming Out At Crofton Hall.

From the blurb:

After years of hiding who he is, Hollywood A-lister Dorian Marsten has come out. The chaos and unplanned events that follow lead him to Crofton Hall to stay with his friend, Ben Redbourn, Earl of Crofton.

A near tragic incident leaves Dorian needing a boyfriend, and Alex Reynolds, Ben's new secretary, agrees to play the part. Alex will not put up with any prima donna actions from Dorian, and Dorian may have finally met his match.

Meanwhile, there is a new baby at Crofton Hall. The arrival of the Viscount of Crofton has left his parents, Ben and Ashley, run ragged and life will never be the same again.

Heather's Review:

Dorian certainly makes a splash with his coming out... and it ripples all the way to Crofton Hall!  As with the other books in this series, Rebecca Cohen weaves the story of all of the residents of the Hall with a developing love story and this time it's between the newly hired Alex and Dorian, who has come to the hall to figure out his next steps after coming out AND deciding to change the course of his career...

I absolutely adore the way this author gives us a glimpse into the whole Crofton world and balances the new relationship with those the came before and are still ongoing... I love the way she writes Ashley's struggle with being the primary parent of a newborn and reconciling his own wants and desires with those of his child... watching Ben try to creatively parent and take the stress off Ashley, while still handling a full slate of duties to the estate and his earldom...

It's such a treat to revisit Compton Hall, especially knowing we get another their forever person!  I don't recommend reading this book as standalone, but you could if you really wanted to....

Rating: 5 Stars

Coming Out At Crofton Hall is currently available in e-book and paperback formats and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.