Buttons: A Daddy For Christmas by Victoria Sue

Victoria Sue gives us a sweet holiday story with a new to kink Daddy and boy in Buttons...

From the blurb:

Edward wasn’t a fixer. He wasn’t someone’s white knight, maybe beige in a good light, and no one with any sense would give him a sharp implement to wield.
He liked his numbers and had been known to get occasionally creative with a tax return, could cook a respectable shepherd’s pie and was kind, or tried to be.

Which left him somewhat of a loss to know what to do with a battered and bruised young man with haunted eyes and a penchant for scrubbing his hands until they almost bled, who clung onto Edward’s old childhood stuffed bear like it was the answer to all life’s troubles.

But it was soon to be Christmas. A season of miracles. A season of wishes. Of hopes and dreams that sometimes came true. Maybe, just maybe, not all knights needed to slay dragons.
Some might just gather pieces of a single broken heart together, one fluffy blanket, one gentle word, and one shoulder to cry on, one step at a time.

Buttons is part of A Daddy for Christmas, a multi-author series. All the books are standalones, but each Daddy has a unique gift for his wonderful boy (or boys). Except all boys know that sometimes Santa gets it wrong, and it's going to take a very special Daddy to make it right. So why not read them all?

**This book contains some memories of past physical abuse. If you feel this might be triggering, please skip this one. You enjoying this holiday season is far more important to me than selling a book. Merry Christmas xx

Heather's Review:

Buttons is a very sweet, age gap romance with a new to the scene daddy and a boy who needs to explore his little side after a very bad relationship.  While one of them is sure it's a connection, the other is hesitant and needs to work up the courage to claim his boy...

I loved the symbolism of Buttons and the slow build to the relationship  It was a beautiful holiday story!

Rating: 5 Stars 

Buttons is currently available in e-book format and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.