Blitzen, Mated at the North Pole #8 by Allie W. Scott

Here we are back with the Mated at the North Pole series this time its BLITZEN who gets his mandatory vacation. In this, opposites attract reindeer mpreg story, get ready to swoon and fall for these beautiful men.

From the blurb:

An Alpha reindeer + a human who hates the holidays = a recipe for disaster

Santa says I need a vacation. if I stick around home, I'll find myself back at work in no time, so I head to a human vacation spot I've always wanted to visit instead. New Orleans is thick with humidity and full of holiday cheer. It's the perfect place to hide out while I try not to think about how many days there are until Christmas. At least I'm surrounded by delicious food to distract me.

I can't stand this time of year. All the false joy and greenery gets me grumblier than a gator chasing a swamp boat. That's what my best friend says anyway. All I want is to have a peaceful holiday season where I can avoid all the happy people. Too bad for me the guy who rented my spare room for the next few weeks is Christmas incarnate.

Blitzen is the eighth book in the multi-author M/M Shifter MPreg Christmas romance series Mated at the North Pole, featuring Santa’s reindeer who find their mates while on a mandatory vacation. There are ten books in the series. Why not read them all?

Sunshine Reindeer
Grumpy Human
Fated mates
Cookie baking
Steamy goodness

Molly Otto's Review:

What can I really say at this point but I truly adore this entire universe and all the books that have come from it. 

It's Blitzens' turn for happiness, and he goes to New Orleans for the food. Can anyone blame him? Then, has the luck of renting a room from Perry, a human omega who happens to be an exceptional cook!  

These two are opposites in so many ways yet so right for each other and are able to find a way to bring balance to both lives without the other having to lose anything in the process. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Blitzen is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.