The Disaster of Drury Lane by Merry Farmer (Regency Romance Act VIII)

As the only MM romance featured in the Regency Romance Act series, Merry Farmer gives us a steamy and sweet romance in The Disaster of Drury Lane

From the blurb:

What the audience sees is only half the drama...

A lost wager leads to a smoldering night of passion…but when the two men meet in the light of day and have to work together, disaster strikes.

Florizel Holland was born and raised in the Theatre and has spent his entire life surrounded by “colorful” people. His devotion to those people shows not only in his position as stage manager for the Drury Lane Theater and his dedication to its current production, but in the way he gives everything he has to the home for retired actors he helped to establish. But endeavors such as the home need funding, and gambling for high stakes at a club called Perdition is how Flory intends to get them.

But losing himself for the night to a mysterious newcomer to town changes everything…

Librarian Oliver Penhurst has been on the back foot ever since inheriting the title Earl of Headington. His venture into London was supposed to be so that he could learn from his old university friends how to be a nobleman. Patronizing the Drury Lane Theater seemed like a good idea, but when Oliver comes face to face with the man he just spent a wicked night with, Oliver doesn’t know whether to run and hide or to throw himself at the man.

There is more to both Flory and Oliver than meets the eye, and as the two men work together for the good of the show—especially when everything seems to go wrong with the play at the very last minute—they discover that it is the unexpected blessings in life that make it so much fun.

The Disaster of Drury Lane is an MM love story with very steamy bits that take place at The Perdition Club, and it involves masks and disguises, old actors who are young at heart, risks that are worth taking, bad eels, painting catastrophes, and fires both inside and outside.

Ms. Aimer's Review:

The Disaster of Drury Lane by Merry Farmer is the conclusion of the multi-author Drury Lane series. I loved reading how everything pulled together for opening night!

Flory and Oliver are opposites in most ways, but they are a classic example odd opposites attracting. Flory is comfortable in his own skin. He knows where it’s safe to be himself in all his glory. Oliver has a lot to adjust to in a short period of time. He’s new to the title so he feels like he’s under a microscope when he’s in public. I appreciated how Flory took Oliver under his wing.

One of my favorite parts of the story was Flory and Oliver’s interaction with the older actors where Flory’s mother lived. I wish we were given an epilogue so we’d know more about the entire run of the play and the elder actors.

Rating: 5 Stars

Lisa C.'s Review:

Wonderful story of Florizel Holland, stage manager at the Drury Lane theatre and Oliver Penhurst, the new Earl of Headington. Flory and Oliver are amazing together, and bring out the best in each other. Loved the side characters as well, the heart-warming story and couldn't help but laugh at the antics at the theatre. This is part of a multi author series, but can be read as a standalone. Highly recommend.

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

I read this book standalone, so I don't know how it fits into the ongoing storyline, but for me it easily stood on it's own as a complete story.   I love Flory and all of his altruism, his commitment to the show and his wicked sense of humour!  Being familiar with other books Merry Farmer has written around the Perdition Club, I was not surprised by the steamy goings on at the club, and loved the way Flory stayed the course as Oliver worked through what being a newly titled nobleman meant to him and how he was going to interact with polite society.

My favourite scenes involve Flory's mother and her friends who are actors who are together after the final curtain, but there were many others!   Despite it's shorter length, there is a complete story that moved swiftly and the whole story was engaging and kept my attention. 

Rating: 5 Stars

The Disaster of Drury Lane is currently available as a wide eb-=book.