Reborn by Seth Haddon

A warrior with god-given visions, Izra wants only to protect the emperor, but his visions of the future revolve around his own fated partner, so the future for the empire is unclear.
When Izra finally meets the foreign merchant Oren, they are thrown into some treacherous political intrigue and end up on the run. Can Izra and Oren stop a war while coming to terms with being fated for one another?

From the blurb for Reborn:

When the Rezwyn Empire mysteriously cuts diplomatic ties with the Kingdom of Usleth, merchant lord Oren Radek is sent to investigate. But when he discovers a coup brewing against the emperor, Radek's life and his country's safety is suddenly under threat.

Izra Dziove, visionary advisor to the Rezwyn Emperor, is trying to hold the turbulent Rezwyn court together while being plagued by dreams of his fated man. But when Izra’s adversaries launch an attack on the diplomatic party from Usleth, he is forced to take action to protect them and prevent a war.

Forced to trust one another, both men must put aside their differences to save the future of both their nations, while also contending with the growing attraction between them— all while trying to understand their mysterious connection and the forces guiding their shared destiny.

Can their fated love change the destiny of nations?

SNik's Review:

Standalone. Fantasy. Fated mate. Slow burn. Dual POV. 

Izra Dziove can receive visions of the future and is an adviser to the emperor, but the emperor is in a deep sleep and Izra has only been having visions of his fated man. 

Oren Radek isn’t sure he believes in gods or fated partners, but he was sent to strengthen trading and political ties between his country and the empire, and instead becomes embroiled in a possible coup. 

Izra has no trouble committing to Oren being in his life, but first he has to convince Oren that gods exist and that there is such a thing as being fated while trying to keep the empire from war. 

There is a lot of interesting world building, political intrigue, and supportive secondary characters (that I wish we got to know more about), with the main characters on an adventure while coming to terms with being together. 

I enjoyed all the interactions between Izra and Oren, but I did wish for a little deeper background for each of them as well as them spending time together getting to know each other. 

Reborn is an entertaining story with some action, some betrayal, and some fated love that overcomes everything.

Rating: 4.25 Stars

Reborn is available to buy in ebook and paperback formats.