Blood Tears (Dark Blood Book 2) by Scarlet Blackwell

Blood Tears is another smutty installment in Scarlett’s World of Vampires, featuring Istvan and his two Britain soldiers. 

From the blurb:

“What man will perpetrate on man. I’ve seen so much that I’m sick at heart. I could cry.”

So says the mysterious man who appears one night in the British trench on the Western Front. Private Stephen Sutherland is deep into the soul-destroying horror of the Somme when the vampire Istvan finds him.

The attraction is instant but Stephen, and his friend Sam, are about to go over the top and Istvan knows they will not survive. He’s not allowed to make new vampires, on orders of the vampire king, Emil, but Emil hasn’t been heard of in long years, since he fought Istvan in Prague and disappeared without trace. His memory lingers long, tainting Istvan's life.

Istvan has a choice. Allow the soldiers to become casualties of war or save their lives and make them immortal.

A dark, steamy m/m tale of blood lust and vampire power games.

Previously published. Revised and extended with brand new covers.

Tatted_book_freak's Review:

Blood Tears begins right where Blood Kisses left off, except in Istvan’s POV, Emilis swept away by the current and we are fast-forwarded to 1916 France. In true Scarlett fashion, sex is intense between Istvan and the two soldiers, Stephen and Sam. Isrvan decides to turn to Sam, as he finds him dying, but not Sam (who he truly loves).

The action of this installment is high, mainly because of the ongoing War, but also, the three-link backup with Severin and Nicklaus. The intensity of the sexual encounters was fierce with passion, even with Stephen still being mortal. This one was a little more fleshly, with scenes when all five men were involved, and I enjoyed every detail of the event. 

As with Blood Kisses, Emil returns (unannounced), this time kidnapping Stephen to execute his revenge on Istvan. This is where Scarlett excels in her writing. The fierceness and violence between Emil and Istvan had me anxiously turning the page, hoping for the best with Istvan and praying for the nastiest outcome for Emil, which Stephen delivers. 

Until Severin and Nicklaus go searching for verification that Emil was decapitated. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Blood Tears is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.