Billionaire Breakdowns (The Brotherhood: Legacy Book 2) by Merry Farmer

"The moment of hope and defeat and shame for all that he wasn’t anymore squeezed
at Oakley until he thought he would implode. 
And then Will dipped down and captured his mouth in a kiss that made him see stars." Billionaire Breakdowns.

From the blurb:

When a wounded billionaire is forced to rely on a physical therapist with a chip on his shoulder, sparks will fly, but will they be able to resist the passion?

Oakley Manfred has lived a charmed life of wealth, success, and any glittery boyfriend he wants…until a midnight crash leaves him with a spinal cord injury that might never heal. Anger over everything he’s lost nearly consumes him, until gorgeous, cocky physical therapist Will walks into his life and rearranges everything.

After being robbed of everything he’s worked for in his career, the last thing Will Shepherd wanted was to be handed the most difficult patient he’s ever had. And sure enough, he and Oakley clash from the start. But the game changes entirely when Will begins to break through to the grieving man beneath Oakley’s prickly exterior.

The journey of healing is full of twists and turns for both men, but as walls come down and affection begins to bloom, Oakley and Will might just discover that love is the most healing journey of all.

Billionaire Breakdowns is the second book in The Brotherhood: Legacy series…which tells modern-day stories of the men of The Brotherhood. It involves two angry men who love to tear each other apart, in more ways than one, unexpected tenderness, triumphs and setbacks, a mountain that can’t be climbed alone, and, of course, the nearly two-hundred-year-old organization known as The Brotherhood. You can read more about the origins and Victorian doings of The Brotherhood in The Brotherhood: Origins and The Brotherhood series.


Billionaire Breakdowns by Merry Farmer is my favorite book in any of the Brotherhood series! 

I think this is one of the most emotionally expressive books I’ve read by any author. Oakley and Will’s emotions are laid bare, and Farmer brings her reader along on their journey. As someone who has experienced needing assistance with activities of daily living, I related to Oakley’s experience. This may trigger some readers, but it enhanced the story for me.

This book follows in the best traditions of The Brotherhood throughout its generations. Men helping each other regardless of class and falling in love even if they tried to fight it.

Heath and Aubrey’s wedding was the cherry on top. I am a big fan of following prior couples in a series in the subsequent books in the series. I’m looking forward to Jamison’s story.

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

I absolutely loved Billionaire's Breakdown.  It was emotional, snarky, sweet and thoughtfully written.  I thought the author took a lot of care in creating a character whose world is turned upside down by an accident and the slow and painful recovery...

I love that this book has opposites attract, overcoming adversity, professional/patient, overly supportive family and the right balance of snarky and sweet.  You can definitely tell that the author put a lot of research and careful thought into how elements of this story would present realistically.

Rating: 5 Stars

Billionaire Breakdowns is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.