Movement: Stay Grounded Series: Book Four by B.H. Lynn

Their one-year anniversary and Alex and Trevor couldn't be happier. Instead of celebrating with Alex, Trevor is busy helping with civil unrest while investigating rival motorcycle gangs and can't catch a break. Trevor needs Alex even more than before, but first he has to survive the most recent dangers from work. SNik and Reedkaye read Movement.

From the blurb:


How did I find myself in the middle of two wars?

Like much of the nation, Orlando is in the midst of political and societal unrest. Protests are a nightly occurrence, and the cities criminal organizations are taking advantage of the overworked police force. What looks like a Motorcycle gang spat turns out to have deeper roots, and murder and mayhem follow. Add in a string of attacks on LEO’s, rising tensions all around, and a confrontation with an extremist nothing could prepare me for, and I’m reaching the end of a rope I’ve weaved with years of therapy and healing.

As the pieces of the puzzle start coming together, I find myself standing in the crossfire of it all. Hate faces us at every turn, and if Jules and I don’t find a way to cut it off at the head, the city we’ve sworn to protect is going to have bigger issues than a few looters.

But nothing is what it seems, the threat is getting closer to home, and amid a world gone mad, I find the people I’ve come to lean on now need me to prove their efforts aren’t wasted.

My love for Alex has survived worse than this, but if I’m not careful, I might not.

SNik's Review:

Fourth in series (Stay Grounded), must be read in order. Established couple. Single POV. 

Alex and Trevor have been married a year, and things are going well, but Trevor still worries Alex will tire of the long work hours and dangers Trevor faces as a police detective. In the midst of public turmoil over civil protests against the police brutality and an uptick in motorcycle clubs fighting each other, Trevor is overworked, and it's stressing Alex. Fortunately Alex and Trevor have learned to communicate honestly, and they genuinely care and love each other no matter the outside pressures. 

Revolving around the police procedural storyline, we do get a good amount of interactions with Trevor’s supportive best friend and partner Jules and glimpses of both Trevor and Alex’s past and current family issues. 

Plenty of instances that show how in love Alex and Trevor are as well as some steamy moments. This couple (and series) has grown on me and their relationship has matured and bloomed into something that feels like forever.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Reedkaye's Review:

I feel this series needs to be read in order. I’ve enjoyed each book and this a wonderful addition to the series.

This story seemed to point out a lot of insecurities with the two guys, Alex and Trevor. Trevor’s job also enters into a lot of the concerns on both of their thoughts.

Alex is afraid for Trevor’s safety. His history gives Alex the right to be concerned. 
Trevor loves his job, but he has a number of issues, a few which are non job related, causing him to feel like he is coming unglued. Through it all is the fear that Alex will tire of all the disruptions in Trevor’s life.

This turns Movement into a edgy story and the author did a great job of tying up almost everything at the end. I’ll be watching for the next story in the series.

Rating: 5 Stars

Movement is available to buy in Kindle edition.