Driving in Circles by Frances Fox (Reluctant Rockstar book 3)

Frances Fox shows us a glimpse of the behind the scenes on tour, bringing together two members of the crew in Driving in Circles.

From the blurb:

An oblivious roadie and a lighting designer with self-confidence issues...will they ever manage to communicate what they want?

All Dave wants is a low-stress job driving gig equipment around, loading and unloading, rinse and repeat. Then he can go home and spend what time he can with his kids, listen to music and gardening podcasts and dream about the life he’s never had. He’s known Richie for years and he’s never thought of him as more than a mate. With two ex-wives behind him, he’s never thought of himself as anything other than straight. It’s a shock when he suddenly realises he has a massive crush on a guy.

It’s more than a shock for Richie when Dave turns up at a Heggarty’s Bow gig with an empty truck instead of a van full of kit, it’s possibly career-ending. There’s no time for Richie’s usual low-key flirtation with the oblivious Dave whilst they’re sorting out how to rig the show, but there should be plenty of time to catch up with each other properly on the drive back to London. It’s not Dave’s fault the steering on the van blows out on the way home.

Thrown together overnight in a hotel, will Dave confide his attraction to Richie? Or will Richie snap first and make a move? Surely all the time they’ve spent in the van driving around the country means they’ve had plenty of time to talk. Or does it?

From the blurb:

Driving in Circles is a fun novella that focuses on crew members as opposed to the band, giving us a different take on the tour and the hazards of building a relationship.  It's short and sweet, giving us forced proximity, co-workers and a bisexual awakening.  While it doesn't have the same rockstar vibes as the first two books, it definitely fits the theme and builds on the world we've experienced with following Heggarty's Bow.   This book can be easily read standalone, but does have cameos of characters who appear in the entire Reluctant Rockstar series.

Rating: 4 Stars