Advanced Chemistry by A.J. Truman (South Rock High book 4)

Talk about chemical reactions... Advanced Chemistry might just melt your kindle...

From the blurb:

Today’s experiment: Combine one socially awkward science teacher with two beefy, former students. Mix well.

I love watching chemicals bond, but I avoid the practice myself.

When I’m not teaching, I’m hanging out with my cat and putting together puzzles. I shy away from romantic entanglements because I know firsthand the collateral damage they cause.

Until I bump into Anton and Sebastian: best friends, business partners. and former wrestling superstars at South Rock High who could barely pass my class. Catching up turns into drinking, which turns into dancing, which turns into them practicing wrestling moves on me, sans clothing.

It's clear that the men have a history—and some unresolved feelings between them—but being the piece of meat in their jock sandwich unleashes a wild, confident side in me I can’t ignore.

The other thing I can’t ignore: we’re falling for each other.

With three hearts on the line, I can’t risk destroying their close friendship and burgeoning business, not to mention reliving my own past pain. But is the chemical attraction between us too strong to ignore?

Advanced Chemistry is a teacher/former students, nerd/jock, friends-to-lovers MMM romance filled with humor, heart, and hot guys. Chase, Anton, and Sebastian will put the A-plus in HEA, and like all good students, there’s no cheating. It’s the fourth book in the South Rock High series, which revolves around a found family of nerdy gay high school teachers, but can be read as a standalone.

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

"Was there anything hotter than a nerd with a wild side?"

Well that was one steamy little MMM romance. I'll be honest folks, I got a little worried in the beginning. It's hard to write a good MMM where all parties feel equal. Sebastian and Anton have been friends for their whole lives. They own a business together. Not to mention Sebastian has been hopelessly in love with Anton for forever. I didn't know if adding Chase to the mix would just end up with Sebastian getting his feelings hurt or drowning in jealousy over Anton touching someone who wasn't him.

I was right to be worried. But also wrong if that makes sense. Sebastian did struggle at first. It was hard for him adding intimacy to the mix of emotions he'd always had for his best friend. But one thing about struggles is that once you share them with a friend, sometimes just that can help the weight of it all be lifted. Chase with his logical approach to everything was exactly what Sebastian needed to see their throuple dynamic in a whole new light. I mean I know it probably doesn't work that easy in real life, but this is a romance STORY between two young jocks and their nerdy, and quite frankly wild, high school chemistry teacher. It wasn't a hardship to take this epiphany for what it was. A way for these three to be together as a cohesive unit.

"Whoever said three's a crowd never got fucked like that."

I loved how the three of them fit together. Each man in this throuple brought something to the table for the others. Chase was someone Anton could dote on. He was also someone who could verbally entertain Sebastian. Anton made sure everyone was always happy and safe, while Sebastian helped keep Anton in line. Every one of them went through their moment of doubt, but every one of them also did the adult thing and eventually talked to the others about their concerns. By the end of it all the three of them were incredibly happy and settled. I adored seeing the men of South Rock High all fall in love and will definitely miss this series by AJ Truman.

Rating: 5 Stars

Sheena's Review:

There seems to be some sort of a trend at the moment in MM romance to include one MMM book in a series. As a consequence, I've read more MMM this year than at any other time. It's not wrong, just something I noticed as I'm picky about MMM stories in general. I liked the rest of this series and other works by the author so was willing to give it a try. I was concerned a little at the start, I like my MMM stories to be equal between the three and I couldn't see how this one would balance out at the start, with two best friends and a guy a little older than them. Not a spoiler alert: It did work out.

I was concerned at the start when Anton was so gung-ho about the idea of hooking up with Chase, not knowing Sebastian has been in love with him forever, and Sebastian feeling left out and jealous - which he did. I did like that it was Chase that got through to him though, when Anton was being willfully blind. They each brought something different to their relationship though, and in the end they did all balance out, and I was happy that they were talking about how it would all work. It was a satisfying ending with them all settled and happy together, and I enjoyed the whole story overall.

Rating: 4 Stars

Heather's Review:

Striking a balance between chemistry and relationship can be tricky in a MMM story, but AJ Truman definitely gets the experiment right in Advanced Chemistry, the fourth and final book in the South Rock High series.   His socially awkward chemistry teacher comes into his own and finds love in this age-gap romance with two former students - best friends who weren't his best students, but who clearly paid attention to something (or someone) in classs....

The relationship angst and tension stems mostly from besties Anton and Sebastian, since Seb has been harbouring a crush on Anton for years, and the catalyst to opening up comes from a hot, potentially one off, threesome with Chase... but I love how this throuple relationship evolves as Chase and Sebastian actually communicate, and Anton slowly catches on...

It's also great to see the continued relationships from the rest of the series and keep up with the other teachers!  I'll miss my visits to South Rock High and hope these characters may get cameos in future series....

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Advanced Chemistry is currently available in paperback and e-book format and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription.