Where There's a Will (Dads & Adages - book 1) by Anna Sparrows

"Love the novels where we can see the actual steps, even through anguish..." Miki J read Where There's a Will.

From the blurb:

...There's A Way.

Connor and Will are at vastly different points in their lives.

At 32, Connor Stark’s life is pretty great. With a handsome boyfriend, a thriving business as an Events Coordinator, and a vibrant social life set against the stunning backdrop of Australia’s Gold Coast, he has very few complaints. Hell, he even has eye candy in the form of his uniformed silver fox upstairs neighbour, not that he’d ever do anything more than perv on the guy.

Then one day tragedy strikes, and Connor is thrust into single parenthood as he is handed a newborn baby and what feels like zero lifelines.

Meanwhile, at 49, perpetually single firefighter Will Bradford’s life is also pretty great. Though his hair might be more silver than brown these days, he has a rewarding job, amazing grown-up kids, and an adorable downstairs neighbour he probably shouldn’t be checking out as often as he does. So sue him; he’s only human.

When Connor’s life is turned upside down overnight, Will finds himself helping the younger man navigate his new reality. He has no intention of falling butt over teakettle for Connor or his kid, but somehow it happens anyway.

With Connor a broken man, and Will concerned about restarting the whole parenting gig from scratch, how can they make a relationship work, especially when life seems intent on throwing even more hurdles their way?

CW: Despite the bulk of the romance being tooth-rottingly sweet, this book does touch on some potentially triggering topics. These include: death of close family members (both through terminal illness and also sudden means), traffic accidents, fire trauma, homelessness, mild homophobia, and the stress/trauma of raising children, including sleep deprivation, self-doubt/anxiety, custody negotiations, and the fear of losing one’s child.

An MM Age Gap Romance

Miki J's Review:

Whelp, Where There's a Will is a book that will certainly take you through all the emotions... so better have your tissues handy!!  

Told from 2 POV's, book starts with just getting to know the MC's which is quite pleasant... even though they do have that spark of attraction, nothing goes ahead... until after... very much after...

It is a tough read, especially that first part... and just when everything is peachy... again that stomach drop...

Very well-written novel packed with emotions and real-life struggles... and I really loved the blurb!! 

PS - this isn't a Daddy kink book... but there is an age gap. Can't wait for book 2!! 

Rating: 4 Stars

Where There's a Will is available to buy, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.