Sounds Complicated: Reluctant Rockstar #2 by Frances Fox

Sounds Complicated is the second book in the Reluctant Rockstar series and a lovely, quick read.

From the blurb:

A pining drummer and a snarky sound engineer have been walking around each other for months...

Heggarty’s Bow drummer, Mordant, sticks firmly to the adage ‘don’t screw the crew’. He’s seen bands crash and burn over something like that before and he’d rather not risk the band dynamic. However, he knows he’s attracted to the charms of Pink the sound engineer and he’d determined to keep him at a distance. He’s got no interest in becoming just a notch on his bedpost, anyhow.

Pink is surprised and a bit hurt that Mordant makes no secret of avoiding him like the plague. Mordant’s a quiet, laid back guy most of the time, but he only interacts with Pink to criticise his work. Pink’s decided it’s best to just try to ignore him. He’s got enough history with moody blokes that he doesn’t need to take on any more trouble. He just needs to get on with things.

When one of Pink’s ex shoves him and he falls down the stairs at work, though, he’s surprised to find Mordant the one who volunteers to take care of him. Mordant is surprised as well. Where will the two of them go from here?

Heather's Review:

At just shy of 100 pages, Frances Fox packs a lot of rockstar romance into Sounds Complicateda novella.  Between ex-drama, a no sleeping with the crew rule and an injury, this story flows from disaster to steam and back well and kept me engaged.  I don't feel this novella misses anything in it's length, which makes it a wonderful summer read.

To see TW which may include spoliers, highlight the box below
TW: for past abuse, stalker ex 

Rating: 4 Stars

Sounds Complicated is available in e-book format.