Perfectly Perfect Pixie: Peaches's Story (Perfect Pixie Series Book 2) by MJ May

Everyone knows pixies and vampires don't mix. But Lucroy and Peaches are deeply attracted and can't help falling for each other. If they can just figure out how to stay together while outside forces are trying to do them harm, maybe they can have forever. SNik read and reviewed Perfectly Perfect Pixie.

From the blurb:

Peaches is a nature pixie. Fully bonded to his orchard, he can only leave his land for a finite time. Plants, soil, daylight, and every living thing Mother Nature has on tap flows like liquid sunshine through Peaches’s lively veins.

Lucroy Moony was born into his vampiric second life over six hundred years ago. King of the Southeastern nest in the United States, Lucroy is responsible for more than his bar, Dusk. Lucroy only comes alive when the sun goes down. The moon and stars are his backdrop—the sun the quickest path to a pile of ash. Death and darkness fill Lucroy’s body with borrowed blood.

Pixies and vampires couldn’t be more different, and yet, Lucroy and Peaches find themselves drawn together time and again. But vampire myth cautions that pixie blood is deadly, and Lucroy’s willing to put that tale to the test. Nothing that smells as temptingly delicious as Peaches’s blood can be toxic. Right?

Lucroy wants nothing more than to court fate with his pixie, but someone’s been whispering in the vampire council’s ears, and they aren’t pleased to learn Lucroy killed a werewolf to save a pixie. If the council decides Lucroy was in the wrong, his life is forfeit, and the nest he’s tried so hard to protect could be left in sadistic hands.

Lucroy needs to convince the council pixies aren’t toxic but precious creatures. And, more importantly, one pixie, in particular, is his beloved—his Perfectly Perfect Pixie, Peaches.

Perfectly Perfect Pixie has a HEA ending and contains a willful nature pixie, a smitten vampire bar owner, pixie dust eating sprites, and a smattering of dwarf, werewolf, and fairy intrigue. Other species come along for the ride, popping up here and there. Be warned, there is vampire violence and a few heads will roll. If that is offensive or triggering, this may not be your cup of tea.

Perfectly Perfect Pixie is a standalone book but for full enjoyment, Perfectly Imperfect Pixie should be read first.

SNik's Review:

Second in series (Perfect Pixie), best if read in order. Paranormal fantasy. Found family. Dual POV. 

There is an old tale that a vampire can’t drink from a pixie, it will weaken them until they die, and since vampires and pixies don’t really mix it’s never been an issue. 

Lucroy is the king of the local vampire nest and he hasn’t seen or felt sunlight for six hundred years, but when he is around Peaches it seems like he has the sun back in his life and he is determined to be with him. 

As a nature pixie Peaches lives for the outdoors and his bonded land, but he finds that his attraction to Lucroy is something just as important. 

As Lucroy and Peaches try to explore their connection, danger surrounds them, but they are committed to try and be together with some help from their supportive friends. 

I especially appreciated that both Lucroy and Peaches were devoted to each other, respectful of their different lives, and willing to risk everything to make their relationship work. I enjoyed every interaction between Lucroy and Peaches, they were sweet and protective with each other (Peaches is no timid pixie), and there is a slow build to their steamy times which fit well with the storyline. 

Well written with interesting main and secondary characters I am so glad the author decided to make this a series.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Perfectly Perfect Pixie is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.