On the 2: A Grumpy/Sunshine MM romance by Felice Stevens

On the 2 is an adorable meet cute on the #2 train between a grumpy financial analyst and a sunshiney menswear sales associate over 10 years his junior!

From the blurb:

First rule of riding the subway:
Don’t talk to strangers.
Don’t even look at anyone.

But what if they’re grouchy and gorgeous and you’re sitting right next to them?
I always did like a challenge.
I want to turn that frown upside down, but he barely looks at me.
I take a chance and poke the bear, and to my shock, he plays along and growls back.
The more we meet on the train, the more I realize he’s not the uptight grump I first thought. Then one night, there he is—in my world, in my space…his tongue in my mouth.

Mind blown.

But I’m no fool. A man like Nash Roman doesn’t date a guy who sells suits at Macy’s.
Nash is prep school and Ivy League, and I’m night school while working two jobs to pay bills. Nash is fine wine, expensive restaurants and handmade suits, and I’m beer, corner takeout, and a lucky find at Goodwill.

What am I—street-smart Ethan Moreno—doing, playing in his world? This man is older than me, way richer than me, and has already made it clear he doesn’t believe in love. I should walk away. Instead, I’m falling for him. Hard.

Nash couldn’t care less if his father doesn’t think I’m good enough or if people gossip because we’re so different. I need to trust in him and us, but I’ve been burned before.

And just like the Uptown Number 2, sometimes you have to travel a different route to get to the final destination:

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

"I'm not letting you go, Nash."

"Who said I want to leave?"

On the 2 is my first book by author Felice Stevens and as the saying goes, it certainly won't be my last. I've already been perusing their backlist since I finished. The blurb for this one caught my attention and I'm so glad it did. I had a hard time putting it down. I love a Grumpy/Sunshine pairing and their meet cute was just so much fun. As someone who has spent plenty of time on the T in Boston, I'm well aware of the sacred rules of transport. A polite smile or a "Do you mind if I sit here?" is basically the unwritten only acceptable etiquette when dealing with strangers who are just trying to get through their commute. The fact that Ethan breaks these rules and with someone as buttoned up as Nash delighted me to no end.

The banter between these two was great! I couldn't wait until they took their morning commute meetups to outside the train bubble. It was lovely seeing Nash slowly open up. Ethan with his magnetic personality was such a great influence on him. They had fun together when they went out, and even more fun staying in if you're picking up with I'm putting down. *wink wink* There was some drama, but I was absolutely thrilled it did not lead to some big misunderstanding and/or midway breakup. I was worried it was heading that way and gave a big breath of relief when it didn't. In fact, the drama was dealt with in mostly a mature fashion and it was great to see that for a change.

Meeting a few of this authors' past MC's has made me want to check out their stories as well. Alex sure seems like a character and I'm interested in how he ended up with such a soft-spoken hubby in Rafe. Micah and Josh were cute too. Speaking of cute, that's exactly what the ending of this book was and I'm glad I picked up this established, yet new to me author's book. 

Rating: 5 Stars

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Meet Felice Stevens

Felice Stevens writes romance because what is better than people falling in love? Her favorite part of a romance novel is that first kiss…sigh. She loves creating stories of hopes and dreams and happily ever afters. Her stories are character-driven, rich with the sights, sounds and flavors of New York City and filled with men who are sometimes deeply flawed but always real.

Felice writes M/M romance because she believes that everyone deserves a happily ever after. Having traveled all over the world, she can safely say that the universal language that unites people is love. Felice has written in a variety of sub-genres, including contemporary, paranormal and has a mystery series as well. Felice is the Lambda Literary Award winner for Best Gay Romance for her book, The Ghost and Charlie Muir, and the e-Lit gold medal winner in romance for Broken Silence.

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