Legend, The Sweeney Mob, Book 1 By: Ki Brightly, M.D. Gregory Narrated by: Keval Shah

This story focuses on Legend and Finn. Finn has lost his ego due to an accident that he feels leaves him less than the pretty boy he used to be. When he crosses paths with Legend, Finn is totally surprised by Legend's attraction and possessiveness. The problem is Finn has a job to do and being Legend's focus doesn't fit into that.

From the blurb:

The Scarred Pretty Boy
Finn McCorkell messed up. The first serious assignment he was given by the Killough Company—America’s biggest Irish mob—left him with scars. As a man who enjoys wearing delicate clothing, he is horrified to discover that he is no longer the center of attention due to his injuries. The swift change
batters his self-confidence. When Finn is sent to Australia on a new job, he meets a man who sees past the scars.

The Mob Boss Who Loves Lace
Legend Sweeney is a myth in the southern hemisphere—a feared criminal, who has enemies fighting to regain their former territory. Bringing in Americans who know how to deal with dangerous threats is an added layer of protection. What Legend doesn’t expect is for the lookout who comes with the gunslingers to rob him of his heart. Legend has always loved stylish men, and from the moment Legend lays eyes on Finn, he can’t resist him.

A Fight for Love
As much as Legend wants to claim Finn, he can’t. Finn belongs to the Killough Company, and once the job is done, he’ll be sent back to America. The day Finn will be forced to leave is a ticking time bomb they both ignore. Legend will do everything in his power to make sure Finn stays, but his focus needs to be on his local enemies. Everyone’s life is on the line as the fight grows more violent. If Legend and Finn make it out alive, will they be able to stay together? Or will Finn have to go home alone?"

Reedkaye's Review:

Whenever my favorite author’s release a new story I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Usually later the audio version comes out and again I just can’t wait. This is another example of why I’m probably going to start waiting for the audios. 

There is so much more I get from audio. I hopefully hear the emotion and interactions much better from the narrator than the voice I hear reading it. In this case, especially the personality of Finn. He has that vulnerability that I don’t usually relate to mobster type men. Also, I was able to hear the strength of Legend. Plus, I love his mother. She is such an original character. This book is pushing me more away from reading to listening. I feel Keval Shah is coming more and more into being a top-notch narrator as he continues the narration for these authors.

This is the first in the series and what a great start. Every series seems to have a feel to it. Some rough, some where I love the characters, but the stories just seem to be good, just not feel right. This story has the great characters, good feelings and right pace. I love how low self esteem drove Finn to try one last time in hope of having some of the attractiveness he previously had. When Legend spots Finn, it is all over. He is hooked. As Legend claims Finn and does everything in his power to keep him there is plenty of mob action being carried out. Finn coming into his self and his mom doing some of the same gave the story more than a few happy moments.  

The interaction between Finn and Legend is more than a little steamy. I do feel a little robbed because there is a part where Legend’s mom was supposed to let him know how mad she was, but I think that got skipped. I enjoyed the secondary characters. Legends family and friends all are engaging enough for their own stories. I’d like to read more about Legends parents. I really think their story would be heartwarming. I look forward to a lot of hours with these characters.

Rating: 5 Stars

Legend is available to buy from Audible.